Prague - anyone been???


I STILL mean it!
Just booked a 4 night break in Prague for my birthday at the end of February. Any tips?? Where shall we go for dinner on my birthday?? Sightseeing?? Have already booked a Patchebel/Mozart/Vivaldi concert at St Georg's Basilica for the afternoon.
Ann x
I've never been Anne but have always heard very good reports about much so that I've booked a surprise weekend for me and OH for our anniversary in June!! So, would love to hear how you liked it when you get back....

Have a fab time! :)
Hi Ann - just come back from Prague .... will try and download the photos.

It is beautiful and very easy to get around - buy a 7day ticket that allows you to hop on buses, trams, and the metro (like the London underground but easier as only 3 lines!) DON'T use the taxis they rip you off!

Where are you staying??? If you want any more info let me know ... and I'll try with the photos!
Went last year and really loved in. One of the places we ate was at the top of the U Prince hotel in the main square. only thing is its open air but they do have heaters going, you can look all over prague whilst eating. We also went to a Red Hot and Blue where they had a Jazz singer on, the food was good creole food (presentation not fantastic)

I would recomend you look at trip advisor on the Prague forum it give loads of advise. Also Living Prague - Independent Tourist Information and Prague Travel Guide also gives loads of advise.
what Hotel have you booked we stayed at the K & K central and it was fab
Have fun:D
I got our Hotel from trip advisor - it's quite small and a bit out of the centre, but near the metro, and had wonderful comments from people. I think it's called the Arcadia Residence.
Can't see the photos at the moment, will keep trying.
Thanks for the other info, and any more would be gratefullty received.
Ann x
Hi Beverley,
Thanks for the photos - saw them fine this time. It looks lovely, really looking forward to it. I'm a bit concerned about safety. I've just been reading not to take buses or metro at night, and not to hail a taxi on the street. Also not to use ATMs in the street and not to carry money and credit cards that you "cannot afford to lose". There was also talk of putting money in pockets and not carrying a wallet because there is a scam involving fake police demanding to see your wallet, as weel as avice about what kind of bag to use. It's frightened me a bit, to be honest.
Ann x
We were told not to use the taxis - as apparently they can rip you off. We used the metro all the time - day and evening .... only 3 lines so nice and simple! and felt safe in doing so.

We did have a couple of people come up and ask us for money - but we politely refused and no hassle. There are also quite a few beggars - but they kneel on the pavement and do not attempt to try anything.

I can not say I felt at all unsafe or worried - it is no better or worse than any city I would imagine. The people themselves are very friendly, most speak english and police were obvious without seeming threatening.

I can honestly say I really enjoyed it - will go back again next year and would recommend it to anyone.

The river boat trip, i felt was a little bit of a waste of money as the boat can't go far in one direction because of a weir .... and we didn't feel we saw anything we hadn't seen from the land. We went on a minibus tour - organised by Martins tours and that was very good. It was a trip round the city - stopping at Prague castle - and using headphones to give you information about different buildings as you passed them and life in CR as well.

The castle is wonderful - and we walked across St Stephens bridge to it another day as well. Don't forget to touch St Johns statue to get good luck!! Also there is a tower at the end of St Stephens bridge that you can climb - and the views are superb.

Hot wine was one of my favourites for keeping the cold out .... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!! But all the pavement cafes have sit outside covered areas with gas patio heaters - so you can watch the world go by, be warm and have a glass of gluhwein!

Enjoy yourself - I'm sure you will ......... and anything else you want to know - ask!!
I was also worried about safety when we went after reading about others having problems. But I just my same policy that I use anywhere (esp in London), I had a small bag with a zip that I had over my body, didnt take out loads of money, just enough for what was needed. When we took pictures of the clock my husband kept a close eye out and also I made sure that my purse and camera were put firmly away before we moved. I must admit how surprise I was that so many women left their handbags wide open, and no they hadnt been pick pockets they were just being very careless.

We have been to Prague twice and had a great time.

I never felt unsafe but was care ful to keep my money in an inside pocket. There are a few beggars but they just kneel with a hand out they don't hassle you and in fact for anyone to kneel in the extreme cold is worthy of some loose change!

DO NOT use taxis cos you WILL get ripped off, we took a bus from the airport then changed to the Metro, it was really easy. Just ask at the bus info point in the airport for the route numbers and a scary looking lady will give you a map with the route circled all the way to your hotel. Then we used the metro and trams all over the city, it's hard to go wrong and is really cheap.

We did a Grand Walking Tour the first time which we enjoyed and there's a small museum of Communism which is worth a visit if you want to know more about Pragues recent history. We're not really sight seeing kinda people (more coffee/wine drinking chillin' out kinda people) but we thoroughly enjoyed our tours.

You'll have a great time.
Hi Ann,

yes, I have, many times. I lived not far from there for a year (I was just outside Krakow, in the south of Poland, and my best mate was living in Kutna Hora, just outside Prague).

It's a wonderful, amazing, enchanting city.

The cultural life is amazing - you will enjoy the concert!

It could be really cold - it can get as low as minus 20 in Feb, but could be 0 - 5 degrees as well.

I'm jealous, you will have a wonderful time!

Sorry, I wasn't there recently enough to comment, really.

In my experience, Czech food is very heavy on meat, dumplings, cheese, and pickled vegetables.

We picked a few resturants from DK eyeguide to prague. I cant remember the names of them cause Ive lent the book to a friend but when we visit cities we always try a few from the books recomendations and have never been let down.