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Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by liquoricet, 10 June 2014.

  1. liquoricet

    liquoricet Well-Known Member

    Anyone else heard about the 1/3 of adult population with pre diabetes statistic in the news? How very scary. I've no idea if I have it (am shortly due the being 40 health check) and I'm really glad I have lost 14% of my body weight, exercise regularly etc.

    Hopefully if I was in danger of being pre diabetic it's reduced due to better life choices. My sister has type 1 diabetes so I'm very aware of what a horrible condition it is.
  2. RosiePops

    RosiePops Well-Known Member

    I watched the "tonight" programme on itv last week and some of the statistics were really worrying. My OH father has type 2 and hasn't done enough to get healthier in my opinion.
    I think they were doing a questionnaire that could help indicate your risk of developing diabetes (low/med/high) maybe it's available online..
    Sounds like you are on the right lines for a clean bill of health anyway! Well done on your losses to date, 14% is fab.
  3. NumNumPigsBum

    NumNumPigsBum "The Stig" Pig

    I was diagnosed with this a couple of months ago. Gave me a bit of a fright to be honest as I'm still petty young. I still have slip ups and sadly binge but nowhere near as often as I used to. I WILL get to target and that will hopefully keep the wolf from the door for many years to come.

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