1. jensonbuttongirl

    jensonbuttongirl Loves her Kindle

    I've been lurking around wanting to post for a while. Had my 12wk scan yesterday and everything is fine so I figured now might be a good time :) I'm 12+4 and baby is due at the end of August.

    Pre-pregnancy I lost around 4 1/2 stone (just under half of what I need to loose) and since finding out I lost 12lbs (which has put me to my 1/2 way mark) then put 1lb back on over 2 weeks. Been very lucky with symptoms, haven't had any sickness. I don't really want to put on any more than the essential weight over the next 6 and a bit months so any advice from women who've been through pregnancy without gaining much would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. CLH_X3

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    Iv decided i need to come here ... congratulations on your pregnancy and scan! ... hope everything went well!

    as you can see from my signature i did weight watchers, and lost almost 3 stone, then i got pregnant and iv put back on 1 stone 7LBS :( and im only 25 weeks! im going to start weight watchers again and try to lose 7lbs ish and then maintain through the rest ... i can do it, just need to not tell myself, im pregnant its ok!

    in my last pregnancy i gained 1st 9lbs throughout so i can do it!

    how are you going to try and maintain etc?
  4. jensonbuttongirl

    jensonbuttongirl Loves her Kindle

    Congratulations to you too! I remember you from last year when I was around on the weight watcher boards :D

    I'm not really sure how I'm going to maintain at the moment. I find it easier to loose weight when I plan my meals so I have a 4 week menu written out (which includes a load of WW recipes). I think I'll just try to eat healthily and hope it works! Maybe start coming on here more often for support and kicks up the bum when it isn't going as well ;) I managed to maintain my weight through the 2nd half of last year while I wasn't really eating that healthily so hopefully that is a good sign and I won't struggle too much now :)

    I've been told that having a bit of extra fat (or in my case a lot) earlier in pregnancy isn't too bad as it just means you gain less later on, hopefully my body will realise it doesn't need to store any more fat later on :p
  5. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Gold Member

    Yeah I rememeber you to!

    Funny enough last time when I had my daughter who's 19 months now I was fatter but gained less, at this rate il end up the same weight I was with her and I weighed a lot less this time! But gaining quicker!

    Its all me though, in eating loads crap! And there's no need so cutting back ..

    so far today... Banana (0) and weatabix (4) so iv had 4pp out of my 29, going to pick up some ww meals after I finish work aswel!

    98 days to go for me til I give birth! What sex are you hoping for ?
  6. jensonbuttongirl

    jensonbuttongirl Loves her Kindle

    Even if you do gain it back, you've lost it before so you can do it again. You'll always have loads of support on here! I've not peen eating fantastically so far but really making an effort to get back to healthy eating again now!

    I've got about 190 left...seems like a long time! I just had my 20wk scan through for 17th April (when I'll be 21+3) hoping we can find out the sex at that scan. At the moment we both think it is a girl :) I'd really be happy with either, just want a healthy baby! Do you know what you are having or is it a surprise?
  7. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Gold Member

    I'm having a boy this time, had a girl last time ...

    Well unfortunatly I haven't been good, weighed this morning and in now 13.7lbs! Iv put on like 4-5lbs in just under a week! What the hell! Lol

    So day 1 yet again! I can do this!
  8. jensonbuttongirl

    jensonbuttongirl Loves her Kindle

    Not been around much but I thought I'd post an update :) Found out I'm having a boy a few weeks ago so been enjoying some shopping! Still doing well on weight, I'm down around 9lbs from when I found out which is great, I was down another 2lbs but that only lasted a week. Been managing to maintain at around 7-9lbs down which I'm happy with at this stage :) Have been suffering with PGP (or SPD as some of you might know it) which hasn't been nice, just waiting for my physio referral for that. Looking forward to the 1/2 way point on Sunday and my next scan in 2wks! Hope everyone else is getting on ok :)
  9. CLH_X3

    CLH_X3 Gold Member

    Well done on your weight being maintained..
    Im currently 13.6 so i havent gained anything in the last 6-7 weeks! ... Feel ok about that as im in the last tri and this is when baby is packin on the weight! ... (IM 33 WEEKS ON SAT)

    I dont want to gain anymore and i would ideally like to lose up to 6lbs and get to 13 stone..! HOPEFULLY JUST EATING BETTER ETC SHOULD HELP ME!

    Im having a boy also, gone abit mad on shopping!

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