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Preparing for WI


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Right i know i posted a thread not so long ago saying how i was going to change my mindset again was focused back on WW, well that was until the next day when oh i dont know i brushed my hair and that ment i HAD to go and eat some chocolate. I have now opened my eyes and seen the bruises from the VERY hard fall from the diet wagon, im kidding myself i cannot do it alone.
I have never been to WW meeting before and had success last time and thought i was ok but i used to go to the doctors once a fortnight to be weighed so i guess deep down i wanted to please them, and i did and every time they said well done it spurred me on, now if i get on the scales and they say i have gained i think So what its only me that knows that :eek: and i have only really seen that today. I have put on at least half of what i lost originally and i know if i dont do something i will end up back at the beggining and i dont want that, i hated my life back then, i think to last summer i wore a bikini top and mini skirt on the beach would i wear it now
HELL NO !!!!

I guess i just wanted to see it written down, there is a meeting on Thursdays in my area and im going to try and see if my mum wants to join with me she is always saying she is going to try some diet or another and i could use the ideas and menus that you get with WW as im bored and have no cooking flair at all. I say this sat here with a cream cake and thats how i know this needed saying, i hadnt planned my meals well or written them down and i floundered about and this was the result of the day :cry:

Im going to stop weighing myself on my scales and will do my best to even lose a pound by Thursday lol,
I will change my ticker after my meeting and set the targets and i know i have rambled a bit here but i do feel better for it actually, so thanks for listening :thankyou:
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Youre doing completely the right thing :) Most people cant go it alone for something like WW. Going to classes definitely gives you the extra discipline of a 'public' weigh in.

You know WW works for you, going to the classes will give you that extra wee help you need. The main thing is youve found a diet that works, now it just needs tweaked to really work well for you - and if going to classes is all it takes - go for it :)

Hope you get on well on Thurs :)
I found exactly the same thing with the ww classes, they really gave me that extra incentive I needed to stick to the diet and I KNOW I wouldn't have lost what I have so far if I hadn't gone to be weighed every week.

Good luck with your meeting on Thursday, I'm sure it'll be the last little bit of help you need, then you'll be down to target in no time!

Good luck!


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I have just been to morrisons so picked up the WW magazine while i was there because it has a freebie inside and the meeting and registration is free with the voucher, plus it has some recipe suggestions which in my case is always a good thing lol im not the best cook in the world. Oh and i got a salad from the salad bar and some meat for dinner for tomorrow night so i dont have to go near the shops tomorrow i have good food in the house


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Wow there are some great recipies in the magazine im actually very inspired by it :D


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The magazine is cheaper if you buy it from your meeting, but of course too late if you want the free reg/meeting voucher.
I find the success stories very motivating.


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I would recommend it, i always saw it but for £2.50 i wasnt sure it would be worth it but i have just sat and planned all my meals until Monday morning out of it and it has money off coupons plus vouchers for me and a friedn to join for free :D

Im feeling good that i dont have to worry what to have for dinner each day now its a weight ( excuse the pun ) off my mind ;) and on that note im going to bed
One thing i am going to invest in tomorrow is a blender * does anyone know if there is a difference between blender and liqiudiser before i go to town tomorrow * as there is a recipie for cherry smoothie and it sounds lush and is only 2.5 points

Night all


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Spoke to my mum this morning and she is up for coming to meetings with me, apparantly someone else has asked her but i found one that fits in on her day off in the morning ( i always prefer to weigh in first thing ) so we are off Thursday morning. She never likes staying for the meetings but i will try and talk her into a few, are they worth staying for, do you get good tips ?
I have been fine this morning anyway, had toast and marmite for brekfast then some cherries a as a snack later. for lunch i had a pork loin steak and salad with coleslaw and some new potatoes and then tonight we are having tacos ( a recipie from my magazine )


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Well done Vodka, you sound like your head is in the 'zone', vital for success on any plan.
Having your Mum on board is a top idea too - you can cheer each other on.

Good luck with your new plan and look forward to the new slim you!

You really do sound like you're (dare I say it...) enjoying it!

I love the magazine too, I love reading the success stories. I've never actually tried any of the recipes before because I always assumed the portions will be tiny (with it being a diet magazine and all, hehe) so let us know how you get on with them!

Good luck with your meetings, hope they give you the encouragement you need (I'm SURE they will - not that it sounds like you need it ;))


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Lol of course not, have never had tacos before so it will be a new experience for me lol

I have to pop into town now to buy my blender, i waited ALL day for Billy to come home from school as he wanted to come with me and choose some dvd'c from Blockbuster ( he even suggested walking it ) and the little swine has come in and doesnt want to come he is too tired :sigh: so i could have gone earlier after all
Think you've made the right decision. I've a colleague at work (started a couple of weeks ago), and once she's moved over to the island we're going to join WW together. I'm relaly looking forward to it, and all the goodies you can buy there! Good luck, let us know how you get on. :D


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Well the cherry smoothie is made, the first creation in my brand spanking new blender and to be honest i * think * i had convinced myself it would be heaven in a cup, lol. Now it is fine i will drink it but its not :airquote: AS nice as i had thought it would be lol
I am about to make Chorizo hash for lunch ( another one from the mag ) and boy am i hungry today i have been helping a friend of the family clean her house today as her son and daughter in law are visiting from the Texas next week and she is a bit frail to do it all herself so i pop in once a week and give her a hand, then she chose to tell me that Terri is the kind that criticizes everything anyway lol. So i definatly feel like i earnt lunch


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Well i have been to my meeting and i did enjoy it, i went with my mum and we decided although staying behind was good its not something we would do every week as we only got back at 12 and she has work but at least once a month we will stop for the meeting. I bought a cookbook for some ideas and we went to Tesco on the way home and i bought a WW Malt loaf which i have just had a couple of slices of and it was nice actually.
I seem to have lost 2.5 lb since the other day when i sorted myself out so i was pleased that i wasnt quite as heavy as i thought i would be lol.
I am determined to stay on track now, am looking for my dads pedometer that he bought once and never used. For dinner tonight im having lamb leg steak and veg with baby postatoes, i did ask at my meeting today about the whole potato issue if the weight shown is raw or cooked and she said she thought raw weight unless stated ;) i was hoping it was cooked lol. I think i will invest in a points calaculator next week, i did buy some strawberry and cream sweets for keeping in my bag


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Good luck. I go with my friend and it definately helps having some moral support and its not so easy to find an excuse to miss class if you've had a bad week if it means you are letting your diet buddy down.
Well done
You have broke the ice for the first time I go with myself but got talking to other people there it was just walking in the first night on your own not been for 4 weeks but going back next week
Good Luck

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