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Princess84's Weight Loss Diary!

I've decided to start my own diary of my weight loss journey. I'm starting fresh from today.My current weight is 10.10 and my goal is 8.7. I've booked a holiday in June to go to Turkey and I hope by then i'll be at my goal. By doing this diary this should keep me motivated. :)
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Day 1

Day 1
Daily Points Allowance: 18

So far I've had:

Banana 1.5
Plum 0.5
Mango 1.5

Tuna Salad 1

Chicken 3.5
Rice 3
Sweetcorn 0.5
WW Bar 1.5

13 points so far

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hey princess - goodluck with starting afresh today!!
you'll be bikini fit for your holiday in no time at all! you planning on doing exercise at the same time?
karenlou that mango custard sounds nice i have to try that. mrsm2007 thanks for the support. I am going to exercise as well. I've joined a gym so I plan to go 3 to 4 times a week.
Good luck with it Princess - you'll be in that bikini on your hols I'm certain.

I love mango by the way but hate trying to prepare it - so messy! Any tips?
i do the hedgehog thing - cut it in half, remove the pip and then cut squares into it and push the skin up so it looks like a funky hedgehog.. still pretty messy though :p

good luck with your WW journey Princess, i'm sure you will do great and look amazing for your holiday next year :)
Day 3

Day 3 on the plan. My menu for the day is:

B - Porridge
L - Tuna Salad
D - Jacket Potato and Beans
S - Banana, Plums, Yogurt

I got weighed yesterday for my weekly WI and I've STS. Which is good because I thought I gained.
Well done on sts :)
Thanks guys for the support. I'm going to Olu Deniz with a couple girls from work so it should be a laugh. I want to fit into that bikini so I will be 8.7 by then. :)
Day 4

Day 4 Menu

B - Porridge
L - Potato Salad and a packet of crisp
D - Weight Watcher meal with salad
S - Banana, plums

I'm starting to feel healthier. Before doing WW I was on the CD and I found it really hard not eating I lost 10lbs but I couldn't stay on it. I used work in the womens health department but now moved to IT. But where I used to work there's scales everywhere and a colleague just weighed herself and she was 7.11. She said weigh yourself. I said no way. I weigh 2 stone more than her. How depressing, lol. I'll be there soon, ha.:)
Well done on the STS!x
WI I lost 2lbs

I had my WI yesterday and I lost 2 lbs. I thought I would of lost more because I was really good. I think I need to exercise more. But at least its a loss. :)
2lbs is within the healthy guidelines for loss - if you lose more than that its more likely your body will counter for it and your loss would be smaller the next week anyway. Congrats - 2lbs of fat doesnt sound much but if you see it :eek: crikey - its massive!

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