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  1. shelz

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    Did any of you maintainers have an initial problem when you first attempted to maintain your weight? In so far that you tweaked things week after week regarding what they scales said and they still continued to go down and down.

    I have been trying to maintain throughout May. I must say every week I have changed something, like added a day off exercise and havent seen a positive reflection on the scales, only a decrease. I am now to the point where I have three days off from exercise a week, so I still do 3.5 hours weekly and am still loosing.

    In the past two weeks I have dropped 6lbs.
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    I was the same for a while, but it did eventually even out. I ?ended up a stone under my original goal weight, but since xmas have gone back up a bit. It should even out eventually hon xx
  4. KD

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    I didn't have a problem with the scales going down, but maybe because I made sure I had enough calories to prevent it happening.

    If you are still more, unless you want that to happen that is
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    have to say hun..if your stats are true and you weigh 106lbs at 5ft 6 you are now underweight and this can do as much harm as being overweight, have you tried talking to your Gp and are you eating enough at a maintaining level?
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    Hi KD,

    I wonder if you can help. I am currently on SS (until Thursady) and will then go up to 810 for a week (will try 2 weeks) before going up to 1000 to maintain.

    Do i have to be at goal before i go onto 1000 or can you still lose on 1000? I currently have 10lbs to go (will be less as i have WI on thursday) which is why i am going onto 810 1st. i cant see that i will hit my goal of 10 stone in 1-2 weeks (with 810) so should i stay on 810 until i hit goal then go up to 1000?

    I am a returner to cd becuase i didnt follow the plans correctly so i would love your advice xxxx
  7. KD

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    Sorry for the late reply.

    Officially you can stay on 810 until you get to goal (assuming goal is above 20)

    I take a lot into consideration when deciding on the best course of action with my clients.

    How fast they lose on SS/SS+/810. If they lose quickly, they are more likely to lose well on 1000, 1200 etc

    If they are slimming for an occasion so time is paramount. I'd possibly keep them on 810 for longer (it depends)

    How disciplined they are and how eager they are to go up the plans. Whether Ithink they are mentally ready for that step.

    How important the number on the scale is to them. Whether they rely on losses to keep them motivated, or whether they are more interested in getting a good relationship with food to make it easier to maintain long term

    Whether it would be a concern if they went under their goal. If someone has set a very low but still healthy BMI, and did 810 to goal, then we could have problems going up the plans as if they lost weight, they might have to have their pack supply cut off as I can't give them any (even for the higher plans) if they go under BMI20.

    So, lots of weighing up ;) depending on their motivations, bodies, personality.
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