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Progress Piccies, before and during LT =)


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Hey All :D

Hope everyone is goood, not been on for a few days as have had terrible TOM cramps etc, so didnt weigh in yesterday, didnt want a dissapointing loss so will have a conjoined 2 week weigh in next week :)

I have uploaded piccies to my profile photo album of my progress on LT before and during after a 30 lbs loss, hopefully I will be looking far more glam in the after ones!

I can definitely tell Ive lost weight but think Im gonna have to up the vibro sessions now and perhaps do some circuits too, to tone up abit more.

Hope you enjoy looking at them because I hate having my photo taken haha :) The side one is what gets me - where has my bum gone to???

(The before one of my back is in my photo album)
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j-lo wow brilliant pics of your weight loss! well done!
YOu realy can see a difference. Congrats on the losses so far :)
Well done!
you're doing so well. keep up the fabulous work.

and you can see an amazing difference :)


A little of everything!
Good Lord thats amazing!!! Brilliant before & during pics- can't wait to see the 'after' ones! LOL!


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wow what a difference :) Keep it up honey :) x


Success leads to success
Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I think everyone here has done amazing, summergirl and Bev its great your still on here giving support when uve finished tfr and onto the next stages, youve both been an inspiration to me.

I cant wait for the 'after ones' now, I am going to hop on the vibro plate everyday now and do some sit ups, im more concerned in toning up than having a bmi to fit in with the statistics.

Just incase anyone was wondering the jeans im wearing are skinny fit 14 and the top is a 14-16 which was tight on me weeks ago! In the before pics, the jeans are an 18 and the top an 18 too, so im getting there!

Thanks summergirl for the rep, your looking beautiful in your profile piccie :)

Irishmum- LOL yeah I cant wait to see them too, having a new hair-do when im done, as part of the new me, so just letting it grow :)

Coley - LMAO girl, yep it was rather bootylicous, its funny how some people lose it in different places! Your doing great on CD, keep it up!

Han - thankyou, they are easing off now, I think their more painful on LT, I was 2 weeks late anyway was getting concerned, but such relief when it got here, thought I was preggo! lol :)

once again thanks for your lovely comments xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi J

Gosh, what a difference!!! Fab....you can see your "love handles" if you dont mind me calling them that....:) have shrunk; almost disappearing.

Oh, you really are doing brilliant and you should be so proud of yourself.

Hope you are feeling a little better today and you will do doubt have a good weight loss next week!!!!

Take care


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Great loss hun you look amazing. Not only can you see the difference you can feel it too. Congrats.


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Great pics & fantastic losses :D

What's all this vibro work you ladies keep talking about hmmmm.... ;) Are batteries required ?
Wow,you look great.Well done.


Uncut Diamond
Doubly well done, as a new member I cant see/profiles or pics on profiles, so your posting them really has been a great inspiration.

Absolutely well done to you, and you have NO reason to not like photos, the camera clearly likes you.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Great pics & fantastic losses :D

What's all this vibro work you ladies keep talking about hmmmm.... ;) Are batteries required ?
Oh, wonderful contraption ;-) Us ladies love it!!!! It is either called a vibro plate or power plate..google it and have a read. It contracts the muscles.....my machine oscilates and vibrates and I do it for 10 mins but equivalent to an hour session! Wonderful.

I do my arms, legs, bum, stomach and I also just stand at let it shake or SHOOGLE as we say in Scotland all my wobbly bits!

Oh, and it gives a good back massage as well.

I hire mine and have two weeks left before I give it back, but Nicolas has bought one....so, have a google and see what the reviews say.....I found them good.

I lost 5.5inches from one week to the other..my first week and hope to have lost more this week, with that and the hulahoop!!

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