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Psyllium husks

Does anyone know (Mrs L this means you especially!) whether you take psyllium husks only when you're having problems with constipation or every day, regardless?

I have to say that they do seem to work! Although I was a bit alarmed to read on the bottle that if you don't drink them down with enough water they can swell up in your throat and kill you!

And - small question - is it pronounced silly-um husks or phigh-sillium? Or something else entirely??! :confused:
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You pronounce it 'silly-um' and yes, you take them every day as a bulking agent / constipation preventative.

I personally don't take them in water like they advise (too much like pond sludge for my liking!): I add mine to my shakes ... just a teaspoon in hot or cold shakes thickens them up - not to everyone's taste but works for me!
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I've found them effective but I take them in capsule form as I find the packs quite unpalatable enough without adding anything to them! Much better than laxatives (explosive! And from one uncomfortable extreme to another!) or the water flavouring which makes no difference to me at all.
Where do you buy the capsules from Peridot? I think I probably ought to take some but maybe not every day?
I bought them in Holland and Barrett and they were their own brand (and were £11.99!) but Mrs L recommends Solgar. I tried to get these but nowhere seems to stock Solgar and my need was, er, pressing!
Sorry for question barrage - how many capsules do you get for that? Do you take yours every day as I vaguely recall a thread a couple of weeks ago where somebody was using these buy only once every 2-3 days. I shall have a look around but hopefully they will be easy to find as I don't fancy having to ask for them in the store!
I can't remember how many are in the bottle - it's a big bottle! You have to take 2 tablets, 30-60 mins before a meal (or pack in our case!), three times a day so I'm sure there's at least enough for a month. They were easy to find in H&B but Sandra's online ordering sounds good (unless your need is as dire as mine was - in which case, sympathy!)
No urgent need luckily, would just like to improve that side of things a bit! I shall investigate - thanks!
Hmm, just trying that website Sandra, with postage costs it comes to 12 quid but I'm going to still get some as they only need to be taken twice daily so a little more convinient than the HB ones.
Thankfully have never had dire need but just in case - thanks for the tip!
If you have a local wholefood/healthfood shop near you then try them, I got a big bag of powder for £2.50 or the tablets were £4
I play it by ear, as it were! I had a real issue with not having a BM every day or even every other day (a side effect of LighterLife), hence the husks. Some people aren't bothered by this but I really was. It's such a personal thing and the constipation issue was an issue too far (for me)!!!

I probably use the psyllium capsules (NOT the powder) five days out of seven. I usually take them last thing at night.

I am currently using some psyllium husk capsules that I bought in the States.

There was a thread on here about how some psyllium husks can take you out of ketosis so be careful.

Hope this helps; sorry it's so late to reply.

Good luck and it's at moments like this that I really value the minimins community; these issues are VERY important so it's good to get tips and swap information.

Take care.

Mrs Lxxxx
Oh no - knocks you out of ketosis? I'll have to stop taking them - I have enough problems getting any kind of result on this diet without making it even harder for myself. Damn.


Taking it Day by Day
I have been taking PH for about the last 6 weeks,and it hasn't knocked me out of ketosis. I think it depends on which one you take and also on your body's reaction. You might just want to carry on with it until your next meeting where you find out if it affects your ketosis. At the time I started taking it I agreed with my LLC that I would try it for a week (as my need was really pressing if you know what I mean) and if it interferes with my ketosis I would stop again. Thankfully I was fine with it. BTW I use the Solgar PH in lose form and put a tablespoon into one of my shakes(normally for breakfast and drink lots of water with it.) Really tastes quite nice actually

Don't panic, Captain Mannering!! I have taken them consistently and STAYED in ketosis; it's not a guarantee that they (psyllium husks) will knock you out of the magical state.

I just wanted to flag up the fact that, for some with ultra, ultra delicate body chemistries, they may have to be avoided.

How have you got on with finding a new LLC???

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx
Hi Mrs L

Think I will have to stick with my current LLC (although if she tells me the reason I have not lost weight is due to negative thinking again I may have to kill her) until after 100 days. But assuming that I carry on to Development (depends on whether LL have played their part of the bargain and given me a minimum of 3st weight loss) I will definitely change then. Cerulean's LLC is a distinct possibility.

S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
If any PH were to affect ketosis it would be the capsules and only because of the coating ... and you'd have to be ultra, ultra sensitive to carbs for them to do that.

PH are just that ... husks. The outer coating of the psyllium plant: they are indigestible so shouldn't have any negative effect ketosis.

The only other way PH could affect ketosis is if you buy powder that has digestive aids added ... make sure you only have PURE psyllium husks.

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