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Psyllium Husks

Ok, so I know theres been loads of threads about this but wondered if it was me or I am doing it wrong. I have tried it once and to be honest, I was completely put off by it. I made up my vanilla shake with hot water, then stirred in three teaspoons of husks, and put in microwave for 30 secs. Now, it tasted OK, but perhaps I made the mistake of looking at it because it looked like hundreds of tiny gellified maggots and although I tried not to think about it, it just made me gag in the end. Am I doing something wrong, or is that just how its looks??????:rolleyes:
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Hi I make mine with 200ml of warm/hot water wizz it in my mixer and eat. The husks dont dissolve but thicken the shake for what I find a nice meal and as I dont like the soups the only warm meal in the last 3/4 months lol
Well, I will try and persevere then, its not that I didn't like it, just didn't like the look of it. I drink between 6-8 pints of water plus black teas and coffees anyway. It certainly helped in THAT department, but its the sight of it that put me off. I'll try again tomorrow when I have my new week stocks. Will try the banana me thinks:eat:
I put them in soup once and it was disgusting!!! It was like one big....erm....well, it was just vile. I don;t know if the water was too hot, or if I used too many, or wat but I tried to eat the soup and the spoonfull stayed connected to the bowl like a big string of yuck....I could not swallow it - it was like an oyster! LOL

I put 2 tsp in a muffin, or stir it into the shakes - I found th blender made it all globulous. And you will see htem, but in a muffin you don't andit makes the muffin like a bran muffin.

Good uck, as they do really do the trickthat they are intended to do. :)
I thought I read somewhere you could get it in a powder form?


MUST get a grip
You can get them in Health shops and if you are using them to thicken your soups and shakes then ideally you need the pure husk fibre. Its a natural dietary source of fibre and always ask for the plain one as I think some may come sweetened, its free of sugar, salt & starch - not sure if you need that info xxxx

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