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Pudding's Ponderings

I decided to give a diary a go so that I can keep track of what I'm doing and see where problems may be.

So, first week I did 7-days of attack as I have a lot to lose and I've done every diet known to man so know my metabolism is a wee bit screwed up. I lost 8lbs on the attack week.

Now just returned from 3 days away which had been booked a long time ago and unfortunately included 3-course set meals. I'm back and on to Cruise (PP day today) and intend to weigh on Monday to see what this week has done.

Menu for Friday:

Breakfast - 2tb oatbran porridge
Lunch - half a 300g tub of Tesco Lighter Choices chive cottage cheese + 4 slices of cooked chicken
Dinner - Teriyaki salmon fillet with prawns
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It's boiling hot today and I seem to be drinking water like a fish!

It's also TOTM (was due early last week but was late) so I feel a bit bloated and in need of something sweet....so I've made baked custards!

PV Menu for Saturday:

B: oatbran galatte with smoked salmon
L: tuna, cottage cheese, cucumber, spring onion and radish on a bed of chicory
D: Roast breast of chicken with a sauce made from the chicken juices, quark and fresh tarragon. Going to have that on a bed of garlic spinach with some green beans. Baked custard for pudding.

I find with Dukan that I can't eat very late at all - perhaps it's because the body has to work harder to digest all the protein and that keeps you awake. I've certainly found that if I eat after 8pm I lay awake for hours!
Today is a temptation day! I'm making a coffee and walnut cake for a birthday tomorrow...will I be able to resist wiping a finger round the bowl? Let's hope so!

Dreading getting on the scales tomorrow as it's TOTM and I generally gain about 7lbs during that time, so I need to get into that positive headspace that rationally says "It's TOTM not you screwing up on this"

PP Sunday's Menu:

B: oatbran pancake with 3 'rashers' of quorn bacon slices
L: rump steak with 1 fried egg
D: Curried chicken


** Chief WITCH **
Tip when cooking something tempting... stick a sugar free gum in your mouth! It's not easy to get anything through that!

Keep it up!
Haven't done my diary for a few days due to business. So, my official weigh-in was Monday and I hadn't lost anything. However I was prepared for that as it was TOTM and I usually bounce up quite a few lbs during that time. Just going to hope it bounces back down a few lbs by next Monday!

PV Thursday's Menu

B: 2tb oatmeal with skimmed milk porridge
L: 2 eggs scrambled with a tb Quark and 2 slices smoked salmon
D: Rump steak on a bed of spinach with courgette strips in garlic fromage frais
Your menus sound very appealing, especially the tarragon chicken!

It can be difficult to keep thinking straight when it's the TOTM, but once you lose the water weight you'll soon be back on track!

One comment though - you mentioned having oatmeal on your last menu, which I guess might just be a typo, just make sure it is the oatbran and not the oatmeal :)


** Chief WITCH **
Scrambled eggs are good for Dukan ;) (actually so is "brain" but I dunno if anyone's tried it!).

I was wondering, looking at your menus, if you're eating enough protein...
Ok, I've decided to do 2PP/2PV for purely shopping reasons as I live on my own and notice veg is going off quickly when on 1PP/1PV.

So another PV day today and then the weekend will be PP.

PV Friday's Menu:

B: 2tb oatbran porridge with skimmed milk and Dukan apple crumble flavour
L: homemade chicken soup (lean chicken, onions, celery, garlic, carrots, homemade stock, tarragon)
D: Steamed Vietnamese meat balls (turkey mince, red chili, fresh coriander/mint/lemongrass, spring onions, fish sauce) on a bed of wilted pak choi, enoki mushrooms woked with a little low sodium soy/mirin/fresh ginger/garlic.
I was wondering, looking at your menus, if you're eating enough protein...
Ahh I'd not thought of that but you may well be right there. I'm a little naturally wary of going overboard with protein as I got gout when I did Atkins and was told (by GP) to stop immediately and that I was eating far too much protein.

Having said that, I'm also drinking around 2litres of liquid a day (tea, water, diet coke) so I'm 'flushing out' enough and should up it.

I've actually just ordered a scarey massive meat box of beef from a butcher on eBay (15kg of steak, joints and lean mince :eek:) so that'll get me used to eating more! :D


** Chief WITCH **
It's true that we are meant to eat between 1g and 1.5g (minimum) protein per kilo we weigh. That meat box sounds like an excellent idea!
Really, really struggling today. Not with the diet, but with muscle pains. I had M.E. 10 years ago and every now and then if I've been working too hard the fatigue/pains flair right up. The problem with that is that because 'doing things' hurts, I tend to just want to lay on the sofa and do nothing...but that 'nothing' includes not preparing food.

Anyway...going to try and battle through it.

PP Sunday Menu
B: 2 tbl oatbran porridge w/ skimmed milk
L: 2 slices cold meatloaf (extra lean mince, onions, garlic, chili, egg white) w/ half a 300g tub of light choices cottage cheese
D: cold chicken (skinless breast, drumstick) and fried eggs if I'm up to making them
CHRISR said:
Interesting - Meat box? Pud have you had them before? Hope you feel better soon x
I haven't had a meat box from this place before, but I've had them from other ones. They are an organic farm who sell direct on eBay - they sold by 10, 15 or 20kg of 28 day hung beef from their herds. Each box is made up of steaks, mince and joints. Mine is due at the end of the month so I'll report back on whether they are any good or not. It was £119 for 15kg and it's organic so that's actually cheaper per kilo than for the equivalent quality of beef in my local Tesco.
Busy Monday today and feeling a little less achey than yesterday. Also 3lbs off this last week so I'm very happy!

PV Monday Menu:
B: Oatbran pancake with wafer-thin sliced chicken
L: 2 thick slices (approx 300g) meat-loaf with lighter choices cottage cheese (approx 150g)
D: 2 x salmon fillets (approx 300g) mardinaded in ginger, red chili, garlic, low sodium soy & Mirin (Japanese rice wine vinegar) on a bed of wilted pak choi

Snack - 3 tbl FF fromage frais sweetened with SF strawberry jelly crystals.


** Chief WITCH **
oh I am glad you're feeling better. 3lb loss is fabulous! Well done you!
Well done on your loss :D
Had a good moment this morning; I'm attending a physiotherapist for an Achilles Heel injury and the receptionist, someone I've not seen for awhile, asked me if I'd lost weight. Yay! I've also got to go to the GP a bit later for the old M.E. stuff and I'm kind of hoping I get the usual question about how my weight is going this time ;)

PP Tuesday Menu
B: Oatbran pancake with 2 smoked salmon slices
L: Approx 200g roast beef with 150g low fat cottage cheese
D: Chicken curry (skinless chicken thighs, dopiaza spice mix, onions, garlic, chicken stock)

I don't feel that I've eaten or drunk enough yet today (racing around) so I think I'm going to have to do some serious water drinking tonight and sneak in a protein snack somewhere (some extra roast beef or something)


** Chief WITCH **
have you ever tried having a little starter? something fishy perhaps. It can help bulk out the protein ratio without having to go OTT with one food stuff.

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