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Pumpkin's Fat Loss Exercise Regime

I've decided to keep a diary of my exercise on here so feel free to comment or kick my ass if I start slacking!
Got a HRM so will be able to tell how many cals im burning accuraltly

Monday 16th Feb
45min spin- 477 cals 35% from fat
45 min Body pump- 354cals 60% from fat

831 cals total exercise
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Thanks for the welcome guys!
I have been exercising again from 5th Jan 09, I did exercise for a year or two but had quit around September time.
I want to lose 4st, but am not weighting myself much, as this tends to make me binge if I havn't lost any weight or if I've gained a lb or two!
I'm following SW somedays, and somedays I'm calorie counting.
I'm going to the gym 4 days a week, this is my workout schedule;
Mon- A.M- 45min spin, 45min pilates, P.M- 45min pump (2hrs 15mins total)
Tues- P.M- 45min spin, 45min boxercise, 45min pilates (2hrs 15mins total)
Wed- REST (as I work 11 hour shift)
Thurs- A.M- 45min spin, 45min pump (1hr 30mins total)
Fri- P.M- 45min spin (45mins total)
Sun- 30min walk

I'm off work all this week though, so I aim to do alot more, but today I had too much on so I'm only able to go to the gym this evening.


Carpe diem, baby!
Wow! That is a hectic gym schedule...I don't do so much cardio, as I tend to lift weights more...I average out an hour of cardio and an hour of weight training five days per week.

Keep it up...exercise is great!
Thanks nexangelus. I know what you mean, it is great! I'm loving the buzz you get after!
45min Spin ---472 cals (40% fat)
45min Boxercise----420 cals (40% from fat)
45min Pilates---169 cals (60% from fat)

Total Exercise : 1061 cals

Feeling; Great! I'm glad I went as I was going to go to the cinema instead and if I hada went I would have problably ate 1061 cals instead haha!
Wed 18th Feb

45min Spin----445 cals (40% From fat)
45min Pilates---146 cals (60% from fat)

Total Exercise; 591 cals

Feeling; Good, although I had planned on doing 45mins run/walk plus body conditioniong class but had to go visiting in hospital and ended up eating 5 hobnobs instead! Aww well, could have been worse, they could have been choc hobnobs haha, then I prob would have ate the whole pack!
Thursday 19th Feb

45min Spin---467 cals (40% from fat)
45min Pump---363 cals (60% from fat)

Total Exercise; 830 calories
Friday 20th Feb-
60mins Swim- 500 calories

Total Exercise 500 cals

Saturday 21st Feb-
30mins Treadmill
10mins Crosstrainer
10mins Pump (had to leave during the45min class as I've hurt my back somehow)

Total Exercise- 500cals

Sunday 22nd Feb
Have injured my lower back so am going to have to rest for a few days :cry:
wish i had the time to do that much exercise lol well done thats good going

keep it up
Thanks Adam. I have injured my back though so will have to leave the exercise for a while unfortunatly!
I never feel like I have any time either, but I give up tv and alot of other things to fit the exercise in lol x
Tues 24th March.
Went back to gym tonight for the 1st since my back injury. Still have pain in my hips but it comes and goes so am going to start back into my routine, but maybe not doing just as many classes so I make a full recovery- don't want to slow the recover down!

45min Spin class
45min Boxercise class-
Total cals burned- 1012
Thurs 28th March- 45min spin
45min Bodypump

Mon 30th March- 45min Bodypump
45min spin
6 Week Challenge

I have set myself a 6 week challeng to lose some weight for the summer, as I keep losing and regaing the same 5 or 6lb! Shame on me, I personally blame Bulmers and binge eating though!
So, this 6 weeks gives me enough time to lose some weight for summer.
I pledge to;
Go to Spin; Mon, Tues and Thurs
Go to Pump; Mon, Thurs
Go to Pilates ;Mon, Tues
Go to Bodyblast; Mon
Go to Club Combat; Fri.
Go to Club Box; Tues

(all 45min classes)

I'm going to be as fit as a fiddle, and hopefully alot lighter!!

Day 1; Tues 21st April
45min Spin 576 cals
cross trainer (as other classes were off tonight) 15mins;150 cals
Weights, sit-ups squats.
Total; 726 cals



Carpe diem, baby!
Sounds good, when are you planning to run your 10km race? I am doing my first on 10th May (Bristol 10km) am looking forward to it!!!
Hey nexangelus, sorry that should say completed! I done it on 5th April, without training! I had injured my back and wasn't going to do it, but couldn't get refund for the hotel (i done it in Dublin- the Great Ireland Run) and was on the mend, so just went for it anyway. I had to walk bits though. It took me 1 hr 17mins. Good luck for your 10k, it's such a great atmosphere and a great buzz! x
Monday 27th April- Well my diet went out the window on Saturday and I went on a major binge. I was burgled and they even got my HRM so I have to guestimate the cals burned.

Gym for 45mins 450cals approx
Pump- 360cals


Carpe diem, baby!
Hey nexangelus, sorry that should say completed! I done it on 5th April, without training!
Way to go...am nervous now (for not quite two weeks' time), but I am sure I can do it as have run further recently...fingers crossed and all that!

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