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Purchase of WW Products

im in ireland 2, i think its really only Tescos, dont really see cheap offers much though
Supervalu usually do a lot; well they do down here in Wexford anyway. You could give a branch in Dublin a try?
Hi all,
I work for Heinz in Wigan and I know that we do sell a load of Weight Watchers meals to Iceland (the store not the country!) lol.

We make a range specific to Iceland and they are price marked packs. In fact, the ready meals are all made in Dundalk!

Hope this helps

Claire x;)
I know the Gorey Super Value has a whole end of aisle given to WW products; at least 30 lines from crisps to salad dressing.

Beware though; the mayonaise may be low points but has a hell of a lot of sugar instead. Helman's light is better.
I was in a small supermarket here in town and i was surprised at the amount of items they had, i got the hola hola hoops salt and vinegar 1 points, Biscuit weafers 1.5 points mmm, ill pop into Supervalue here tommorow and check their stuff out.
I'm eating the frozen Choc Desert as i type; gorgeous :)
is that the one thats 3 1/2 points ? i think or 3 points, i think there is a red fruit in middle or something ? i have them in the freezer i LOVE the eclurs OH GOD MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM lol
it would be great cause id rather buy WW cause when it comes to portions im clueless really, so when its on a packet of how many points im grand.
I agree as well thats my problem is figuring out the portion sizes and I think for new starters getting to terms with portion sizes is a bit overwhelming at the beginning so having WW (really Heinz) doing it for you saves so much stress and confusion!

I popped into my local Supervalu (never usually shop there) and was surprised that they do have a lot of stuff there HOWEVER, other WW members obviously got in there before me because their WW stock was nearly all gone!!!:copon:

I havent seen the frozen desserts, I buy the belgian mousse as a treat mmmmm
I don't think it's every going to be cheap as WW likely think it doesn't have to be as they make the sales anyway.

As for the frozen dessert; it's the belgian choc muffin ..so delicious :)

I've also rediscovered Pink & Whites dipped in Options Hot Choc
I've also rediscovered Pink & Whites dipped in Options Hot Choc
Oooh... Ive never tried that before mmmm might save that for my evening snack mmmmm:p

I was in Tescos this morning and they were doing WW meals 2 for €6, so I bought them stuck them in the freezer so I'll have no excuses when Im having a lazy day!

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