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Pure unadulterated self pity moment,Sorry


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Just so so stressed today and needed to vent somewhere so am sorry to any who read.I started liptrim as we have been trying for a baby and knew if we approached gp first thing he would say is lose weight.We presumed the problem was me to be honest as since having my children i had 5 years of ovarian cysts. We a few weeks ago bought every home test kit going to man..did them all ...mine all seemed fine..alas my hubbies didnt.So today he's gone off to hospital for a sperm test and its suddernly hit me just what this could mean .He hasn't gotany children and bravely married me and took on my two teenagers. I pondered for a long time if i wanted to do it all again but over time that changed and for last couple years all our plans involved children in our future. He would make an amazing father and am sat here today just feeling so so scared that it wont be an option for us,if tests come back as bad as home tests did its going to be so so hard and if one more person says oh it will be easier for me because at least i have children i might actually murder them.Yes i have two children and god i know i'm lucky but this will devistate us and the thought of knowing how much this will hurt him then makes it so much worse.I don't know if anyone on here believes in healing but if you do please send us some,the next couple weeks waiting for results are going to feel so so long.
Sorry for this am just so scared
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Fingers crossed for you both hun. Hopefully if something is picked up through the tests, then something can be done about it to enable you both to have children, its surprising what can be done.

Definitely praying for you both and some positive results would be a fantastic boost to you both. Never give up hun, you dont know what is around the corner. Big hugs coming your way xxx


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Big virtual hugs to you. I hope the results are ok and that there's some light soon.


Here we go again!
Sorry to hear this Vikh. Thinking of you both and you hope you get the result that you both want so much xx
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I will pray for a good result for your hubby. Try and stay positive and supportive whatever the result turns out to be. You never know, they can do amazing things nowadays. Hope everything turns out well.


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Hi vik, so sorry to hear you are going through a rally shitty time,

you and hubby, sound more than strong enough to take what ever gets thrown your way, but i really do hope thats waking up at 3am to feed a squawking baby, i have everything crossed for you, please please keep us updated.

Surely if you want someting in your heart bad enough it has to happen :( lifes so unfair, but maybe not this time...



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I do wish you both the very best of luck with the results you are both so hoping for.

I would say though that even if having children naturally isn't an option, there is lots of other options, like fostering, adoption etc. I think there is way too much emphasis and pressure on people to become parents and so much guilt when that doesn't happen. As the old saying goes "what for you won't pass you".

Anyway, best of luck.
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Hopefully the worst news will be that hubby has a low sperm count, if he has just make sure he is wearing boxers instead of tight undies, and eats lots of protein such as peanuts etc. This happened to me and my hubby I waited 6 years to have my 2nd baby, had all the tests and hubby had a low count. After advice from the doctor he changed to boxers and I gave him lots of protein to eat and low and behold I fell pregnant with Jenny. Mind you I am sure medically things have changed since then as I am 50 next year. Keeping my fingers crossed for you both.


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Just wanted to say a massive thank you to every one for your kind thoughts and words.Just being able to put feelings down somewhere helps.


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So sorry to hear this! Fingers crossed all will be ok. I actually work at acupuncture and nutrition for fertility. I can forward you some info on what foods contain things like zinc, selenium and others which hugely improve the male sperm count and quality. Alcohol and cigs hugely effect it too. Cutting out alcohol and cigs and improving the diet for just 3 months can make a huge difference.

There are also procedures that you can have done which aren't too invasive that help with conception when there is a low sperm count, however they are pricey (at least in Ireland).

But if I could just throw a thought out there......my avatar picture on the left of this page is a photo of my adopted daugher. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is from Ethiopia and I have her home since she was 10weeks old and she is now 10.5 months. I too have a teenage son now 19yrs! It is just a thought. Families are made in many ways.

Good luck hun and if I can be of any help please let me no.



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Hello Vikh, I am keeping my fingers crossed but if the test results are not what your hoping for then don't give up hope, my friends husband had a low sperm count and had treatment and they now have twins that will be 2 in June. I Noticed that you also live in Bristol, what part of Bristol do you live in? I live in Coombe Dingle and use the Ashgrove pharmacy for my lipotrim.


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Hi Vick
Your not on your own her you know. This is a very common situation and looking at your replies there is a lot of options open to you. One of the main thinks is supporting your O.T and maintaining his self esteem. Men can take this sort of thing rather badly, so remember to be positive and look toward solutions. I know we experienced the same problem and tests showed a dramatic fluctuations over a period of time and we have a lovely son who will be 13 in june.
With a combination of your weight loss and hints and tips for your partner things will work out. So remain positive and supportive to each other and enjoy your lives.;)


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Just a quickie reply as off to weigh in which wont be great as totm but am keeping chin up.
sara and info would be gratefully received xx
cheralyn am just off to ashgrove as i'm in filton(thought chemist has been great support,hope you've found the same)
Matronix thank you..stories like yours make it easier to try and remain a tiny bit posative xx

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