Extra Easy Put 2.5lb on.........don't know how any ideas??


:cry: Hi.........
I like to consider myself an expert EE follower as I have lost 3st following the plan.......however after putting on a few pounds over the christmas period I thought I needed to boost my weight loss...... so I started walking everywhere......a minimum of 1hr and some days 3 or 4 hours......had good weight losses for 2 weeks.....
1st week after christmas I lost 3lb......
2nd week 4lb
This week have put on 2.5lb.......don't know how as I have basically done what I always have apart from changing my breakfast from porridge to crunchy bran.....................have walked my legs off so why have I put on......have looked through my food diary and the crunchy bran is the only difference I have made..........any ideas you guys????
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I have no ideas either, but if it makes you feel any better I have stayed the same for the past 3 weeks! I also have been following EE, and doing it full time for the last year. I am a slow loser but to stay the same for 3 weeks is a bit demoralising.
Week 1 was a star week so I wasn't worried. Week 2 I thought was one of those things and so expected a reasonable loss of a pound or two week 3. But nothing, not an ounce. My consultant has looked at my food diaries and can find nothing wrong, she suggested I try a few red and green days to mix it up a bit to see if that will make me lose.

My consultant did say to another member who gained one week, but had just started a punishing exercise routine, that our bodies can go into a kind of shock and can hang onto fluids. That might be it do you think?


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Is it TOTM, i always gain a few pounds at that special time!


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To be honest I think it's just your body catching up after a couple of weeks of large losses, and not related to your walking which will not be particularly strenuous. Don't worry about it, it's just one of those things after all your body is not a machine. There will be some weeks where you sts or gain even though you've been 100%. Stay focussed - you know it works!


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Even though you have had a gain, it could be that you have lost in inches because of the exercise regime you are now carrying out.

Lots of things can cause an occasional gain. So it is hard to know really.

Have you got your meal planner for the week of your gain that you can post, maybe someone can give some ideas from that.


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Yes sounds very much like it could be muscle if you've been exercising lots! I did Weight Watchers a few years ago and was cycling a lot at the time! I found that on weeks where I'd done a lot of cycling I was putting on weight according to the scales but my clothes were getting smaller so I must have been losing the inches (although I didn't measure myself!) I actually gave up because I was disheartened by it! In hindsight I was silly because I gave it all up and started living unhealthily again which was completely counterproductive and pointless and I subsequently piled on the pounds (and stopped cycling- duuuhh!)X


Thanks everyone for your comments.......shall continue to remain focused and see what the scales reveal next week...................:)
Off in a little while for my daily walk..............:)


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I'll look forward to seeing your loss next week! This happened to me when I was on a 1200-1500 cal diet, I used to walk about 9 miles a day, had great weight loss for 2-3 weeks then a gain which I'm almost certain was to do with water retention from all the walking. Keep up with the exercise, you'll see the results soon :)


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Hi, try and make sure you are drinking pleanty fluids and change your foods around so your body is not getting used to eating the same things or maybe try main meal at lunch time and then lighter meal at dinner. Also look at your loss over the month instead of weekly as it will still show you a fantastic loss over the month. Good luck x