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Putting on weight on week 2 - so annoyed


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S: 11st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st11lb(6.83%)
I am weighing myself tomorrow as it's my official weigh day but I stupidly went on the scales this afternoon and apparently I have put on weight. I must admit I've probably weighed myself about 4 times this week.

I have had a couple of cheeky drinks this week but thats about it. I did 5.5 mile walk, then a 5 mile walk and run and last night i went for a 3 mile walk.

I know I'm not going to lose weight over night and I will be so dissapointed when tomorrow I either weigh the same or have indeed put on.

It makes me think is it really worth it? Should I just learn to love myself the way I am and be able to eat everything I want when I want.

I am not following a certain diet I am healthy eating.Previously I have followed rosemary connoley and weight watchers but I can't afford to go to meetings anymore so have to do it on my own.
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Weighing yourself too often and especially in the middle of the day is not a good idea as your weight will fluctuate up and down.

If you have been drinking a lot of water/teas and coffees these all add up and show on the scales, as water weighs heavy along with the food we eat throughout the day.

Best time to weight is first thing in the morning after you have been to the loo and naked:) and try to weigh once a week if you find the scales are making you feel miserable.

Keeping a food diary will help you see if you have eaten more than you realised as it has been shown we can easily forget what we put in our mouth just nibbling!

As well your weight can fluctuate if totm is due and in hot weather we can retain water if we have not been drinking enough.

You ask is it worth it? Well doing exercise and making a conscious decision to change your life style might give you another decade or so of a longer healthier life.

By the way well done on losing 6lb last week!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx


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S: 11st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st11lb(6.83%)
I am thinking of taking the scales away and only taking them out once a week. I will actually lock them in a suitcase and give the key to somebody. That is pretty extreme but it's the only weigh I will stop it.

I have been drinking water more than usual but not too extreme (een them on the biggest loser australia water loading when they have immunity so they can lose big numbers the following)

I used to keep a food diary but I don't think it did anything for me, I didn't ever go back and read it. However when I had a food diary I lose weight every week, but then I did have a full time physical job which I no longer have.

I really do want to lose weight, it is worth it definitely. When I get mad I just think whats the point but I know what the point is. I wrote down why I want to lose weight and what I don't like about myself, I thought writing it down would make it real but I think I threw it in the bin cause I haven't seen it since I wrote it.

Tomorrows weigh in will be a gain I am sure but I just need to keep going. I really want to lose weight and look good. I can't believe I am feeling this so early in. I've lost weight before and never have wanted to give up so early.



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S: 11st7lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st11lb(6.83%)
Put on a pound, gutted but knew it would happen. Have to work hard this week absolutely no alcohol, crisps, biscuits, cheese nothing!


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hang in there summer. the scale will move. just keep eating healthy and keep a log of food that you eat. It helps me.
Don't measure your progress solely on the movement of the scales. When embarking on a new fitness plan you may find you gain a little or lose less than you expect because you are beginning to build muscle. No matter what the scales say if you follow your new program you will definitely find you feel better about yourself.
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Hi Summer

everyone has given you good advice, hang on in there, you'll be glad you persevered with the good days and the bad days.

I too am doing my own thing this time. healthy eating choices and getting more active. I have dieted and failed in the past, but this time I am so determined.

I am sick to death of avoiding mirrors, feeling breathless on stairs, having no confidence, avoiding invitations to go anywhere socially etc etc and more recently not being able to enjoy the good weather because I am hot, uncomfortable and tired..oh the list goes on! LOL

I am only on my 5th day of my FINAL challenge to lose all the excess weight and intend to have a monday weigh in. It is very tempting to jump on the scales, but I now can leave the scales alone until weigh in day! In the past I have asked my husband to hide them, which he did!..but honestly one day the old willpower will click in and you won't need to hide the scales, but if it helps you just now to resist temptation then do it!

Always use the same scales for weigh ins, and the advice you were given about first thing in the morning, after a wee and preferably naked is spot on! Its what I do (not a pretty sight LOL) but it gives me no reason to make excuses and think..'oh maybe I'm wearing heavier clothes, more jewellery etc'..its a true reading and I've GOT to believe it!

Good luck well done on the 6lb loss..that pound will be off by this time next week..I have faith in you.

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