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Q: 30 day shred and CD

what is the 30 shred please? x oh and happy new year to you too
Thanks chick, will that not be too intensive while we're on CD? x


please try again
lauren and nicki both completed thier 30 days and look friggin amazing, theres a rather long thread on here and thier pics are on it

i did 9 days then had to take a few days off so started again and am now 7 days into it, hasnt kiled me yet but yes it is tough and first 3 days i wanted to strangle jillian, lauren and nicki for getting me into it, i love it now thou
Great!! Thanks for the response. As i sit here on my sofa i think " 20 mins a day - how hard can it be".... I'll let you know how i get on if i can make it to the lap top :)
S xoxo
It's a hard 20 mins but it is, thankfully, only 20 mins. There's 2 different intensities too, 2 ladies helping Gillian out. One doing the easier version and one doing a harder version. I'm sticking with the harder version for 95% of the time. The only thing I struggle with is press ups. I can do 5 real, on the toes ones then I have to drop to my knees. However I'm hoping that this improves the more I do.


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hi ladies!

i lost well over a stone of fat, gained 3lbs of muscle and lost 26 inches in total!

hope this helps!

i was also 17stone 4lbs when i started, so you dont have to be a super skinny lycra bunny to do it!

yeah its tough at first but with those results its well worth it, im on my second round of it, have missed a week due to chemical burns in my eyes, but will be back to it today or tomorrow....

good luck xxx
I am waiting for my 30 Day Shred DVD to arrive too! I ordered it on Wednesday so hopefully I will have it by the beginning of next week!!

To be honest I thought that I wouldn't be allowed to do it until I stopped SSing at least (I plan on SSing for at least 12 weeks), but I asked my Cambridge Counsellor about it and she was very supportive and told me "the more exercise the better"! So according to her it is fine.

It seems like there are quite a few of us who are currently waiting for our DVDs to arrive - we should make a group!

I'm doing mine tonight :) want to do it before my operation next month so I'm more physically fit lol
I bought a copy of it in morrisons for £6. As i hate waiting for post. I did first session today it was like my first day back at gym It totally wiped me out, but i have seen the results people have had from doing it, so i am motivated to continue.
I have got mine yesterday so doing it for the first time tonight!! I am really nervous!! haha but like you say its only 20 mins and Lauren and Nicki look fab!! xxx


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Gonna try this...

I am going to see if I can order it online. It sounds good.

whoop whoop! Mine finally arrived today. Watched the level one work out while in bed...( yeah, yeah i know!!) felt exhusted just watching it but it seems fairly straight forward, no annoying dance moves. Will be starting tomorrow.
Happy to form a group so we can discuss and motivate eachother....not sure how to officially do that. Perhaps we could just continue this tread?
Good luck ... let the shred begin :)
S xoxo
ordered mine from Amazon last night, then also saw it in Morrisons for £6 - drat. Well it will be here soon enough, looking forward to getting started! :D

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