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Question about beans - not sure if this is right place to ask!

It's 1/3 superfree which you should have.

Superfree foods are listed on page 11 and 12 of the food optimising book, if you have one, and are all fruit and vegetables with the exception of potatoes, parsnips, sweetcorn, broad beans, peas, and avocado (I may have missed one out, I usually do!).

Baked beans are free, but they are not superfree.

Basically the idea is that if you pile your plate with vegetables, and have fruit for dessert and snacks, you won't be eating so much of the higher-calorie food, and you will also be getting loads of vitamins and minerals.
Thanks for your replies.

I am def eating lots more fruit and a bit more veg (and less junk food!). hopefully I will find it easier as time goes on and i get in the swing of it and i see the lbs coming off :giggle:
We've just had a baked spud with B/Beans & cheese (extra light laughing cow triangles) for our dinner. An accompanying mixed salad is my appealing to me in summer but tonight i did cubed beetroot & chopped cherry tomato on the side. Also, if hot & cold in the same dish is not your thing, why not just have a mixed fruit bowl with free yoghurt for pud as your 1/3 superfree. I know technically the 1/3 is supposed to be on the same plate but your tum doesn't know it wasn't :wave_cry:
Thats a good idea with the fruit salad type thing, that would work well for me! Does it still count though? If i ate loads of dinner (say what you had, i had a massive portion!) and then i had the fruit would that be me overeating?
My S.W. consultant says you can save your 1/3 superfree portion of the extra easy meal till after and just have a big bowl of fruit for dessert. Because sometimes you just want to get stuck into the free food!!! With Slimming World there is no such thing as overeating if its the right food.
Yes but if you are filling up on free food, especially superfree food, that is very low calorie density, then you will be restricting your calorific intake naturally and feel full for longer. I trust my consultants advice and am at my target weight so disagree all you want it worked for me!!!


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That is true but even free foods if eaten to excess can have an effect on your losses - take the person who ate 10 mullerlights a day! Free food but at 100 calories each that is 1000 calories just in snacks! So a bit of common sense is also important :)
I am also not sure if I agree with eating the 1/3 superfree AFTER your meal. I really think you should try and include it in your meal or perhaps make a soup using superfree veg to have before. The problem with having it after is you could be quite full from your meal, but then force yourself to eat a huge bowl of fruit when you are not really that hungry because you are thinking, oh I must get in that 1/3 superfree.

Yes on slimming world you can eat free foods unlimited, but you also do have to be careful that you are eating for the right reasons i.e. you are hungry and not just eating it because it is free.

I know calories doesnt come into the diet, but there is a point where if you eat more than your body physically needs you weight loss will come to a halt or you may even have a gain.

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