Question about exercise and AAM


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Hi everyone

I have two queries:

1) I noticed someone imply on the site that you shouldn't exercise on the CD, and I have been, in order to speed up the wieght loss and tone up the tum! Is this not advisable?

2) My CDC has told me that I don't need to do an AAM week unless I want to - is this right? I know the LL ladies go 100days without food, but I didn't know why CD recommends a AAM week.

My CDC said that eating every fifth week means we don't need a medical check up. It's something to do with a report on safety of VLCDs which recommends medical supervivion or a break after following a vlcd for a month. I know most people on 790 plan report similar losses to SS so it probably won't affect your weight loss at all.
You dont have to do AAM but if you want to continue ss without a break you will need a Doctors signature on your medical form saying so, this your Cdc should have told you.

As for exercise it is advisable not to exercise strenuously for at least the first two weeks as your body has to get used to v low calories and then once you start to increase your liquids to stop dehydration due to losing body salts through sweating and you might even need to increase your food packs.

You can certainly exercise - it's a very good idea - but you shouldn't try to do so much that you speed up your weight loss. It's really not good for your body. Try to exercise for all the other great health and fitness benefits and see any increased weight loss as a nice bonus.

As for AAM week - it's mandatory unless you have your doctor's permission not to do it. LLers don't have to do it because they have to have 4-weekly checkups (IIRC).