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Question about strawberries... random I know!


Slimming down the aisle
I keep feeling like I'm doing something wrong, so I wanted to check! Can someone check their yellow book in the Step 3 (1000) section. Strawberries.... 100g are like 27 calories right? So, if I'm having 50 calories worth of fruit, I can have 200g of strawberries? It just seems like loads! Not that I'm complaining, I love strawberries, I'm just slightly worried that I've misunderstood and eaten more than I should have so would like to check before I carry on doing it!
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Yep, 100g strawberries = 27 cals. And yes, according to the book it does add up as you say.

I'm supposed to have 1 CD plus 150 cals of fruit (or a breakfast, which I don't have); if I ate strawberries that would be 3/4 of a punnet, it does seem like loads lol.

Same with apples; 150cals is like having three medium apples!!!


Slimming down the aisle
Yeah I think we're both on the same plan, 1000 right? Glad it's right and not just me going mad!! I bought some strawberries today, is 420g punnet, so I was like that's pretty much half of that, and thought I must have been wrong! Not that I'm complaining, I love strawberries!! Oooh... strawberries in porridge... I wonder what that would be like! I like blueberries in porridge, so maybe! I really have eaten a ridiculous amount of strawberries now though! I had them for my 50kcal after dinner yesterday, well, late evening. And then I've had another 50kcal of them for my breakfast, and am going to have some more fruit for the rest in a minute. I thought I'd end up having to throw some away, but that's a whole punnet gone since yesterday!!!
I wish I loved strawberries. I am not keen on any fruit. Can just about cope with a banana and raspberries.

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