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question and a moan!


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Question first: Pins & needles are they a symptom of being on LT? Anyone else getting them?

Moan: OK as some of you know I had a crappy weekend having been broken into at home by kids that did some damage. Fine over that now. But tues evening coming home, I arrived home to find my cat hanging by her back paw stuck in the fence. She was screaming the place down. I ran to help her and knew i would be scratched. So I graabbed her and tried to free her. She was terrified and went into survival mode and I was her threat. She murdered me!

The scratches were bad enough but she bit me loads. When I finally got her free from the fence she had locked her jaws on my finger. I prized her jaws free and she clamped down on another finger and this kept happening. I just couldn't get away from her.

So now with 4 badly bitten fingers and hands scratched to bits. Went to doctor and was put on an antibiotic. Next day(today) had to go back. Doc thinks I have cellulitis and now on 2 antibiotics and 2 pain killers (nearly a meal in themselves!).

Of course cat arrived back home about an hour after it happened and srolled in the door as if nothing had happened!

Seriously....first thing I eat when I come off this is going to be that bloody cat!!!
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Not having a good time of it hun are ya! Not sure of the pins and needles but I did hear this mentioned before somewhere.
Hope next week is far better. xx
ps Get rid of the rabid moggy!


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Think I am rabid now!!
awww hun that sounds awful - poor you. I hope all heals up soon.
To answer your question I get pins and needles too, not sure what that is all about :)
Sara, feel free to feast on my cat too. He pooped in my wardrobe the other day.

We could make cat stew!


Yummy Mummy in the making

TRYING to be patient!!
aww poor you...and poor pussy cat she must have been terrified!! theres a good lipotrim site that may tell you what you need to know about pins and needles x


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Sara, feel free to feast on my cat too. He pooped in my wardrobe the other day.

We could make cat stew!

Well I have to say I wouldn't have been too impressed with that either!!!! I will work on the recipe for 2 stewed cats!!!


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I have another one that we could add to that stew! Pooed in my plant pots.....even though she has perfectly clean litter tray with fresh litter!! Soooo annoying!!!

Anyway being pregnant - cant touch that stuff so hubby has to clean it up!


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Awww sorry hun but i have to go with my instincts here...poor cat!!! I am very soft when it comes to cats..bless! Hope youre ok too hun? lol
Pins and needles? Yeah i had them a bit in first few weeks but not after that but thn i dont have great circulation anyway xxx


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Cat curry maybe?

xx Cathy xx

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Why not cat soup instead of chicken? I've got two more to add to the pot, they like to stuff themselves silly on food then go chasing after one another then go and be sick somewhere.... nice!


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aren't cats wonderful!!!

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