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Question for the Ladies

Im sure this topic has been brought up before, but Im wandering if anyone else is in the same boat as me!!!
I have recently had some blood tests & have been informed by my GP Im perimenopausal!!!!!!!!!!! (Im only 47, feel too young!!!!) Anyway, I haven't had a * week for nearly 8 weeks, which in itself isn't the problem, but my weight loss is! I have been at STS for the past 3 weeks, so am assuming its fluid retention as Im on plan 100%, drinking plenty of water & powerwalking 4 miles per day..........has anyone experienced this & if so do you have any advice....or do I just ride the storm & wait for a * week & then the scales will be kind to me, as its all very disheartening, even tho I know the reason why.

Thanks Kim
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Kim, what plan are you following? EE? Sounds like its time for a bit of a shake up to get you going again. If you are on EE maybe try some red days or green days? Other things you can try that bring good results are fish week (where you eat fish at lunch and dinner for a week...), or perhaps the dreaded Scan Bran week - where you use 5 a day for a HexB for a week. Both have been found to bring a nice boost.
Thanks for that....I am doing mainly EE days, so why would doing Red/Green, fish & scan bran help? Im not a huge carb eater & quite often on a EE day I will limit my pasta/rice to 3 ounces....I eat loads of fruit & veg.....but I could give it a go
Heh, you dont have to try them all at once! :)

It is about shaking up your metabolism. It can become complacent when it realises there is a pattern of consumption happening. By changing the stuff you eat a little, it tricks your metabolism into thinking that something has changed and it starts to work harder again.

Its all about keeping your body on it's toes. It really can make a difference.

ETA - red days would definitely be worth a go for you given that you arent so keen on carbs :)
I've just looked back thru my diaries & I do the occasional red or green day, its all dependant what I've got in the fridge, but it is mainly EE....so thanks for the advice , I will give red a go as have a rather large pot of meat curry bubbling away in my slow cooker! Another thing I've noticed I may not be eating enough, as I dont have up to 15 syns a day & sometimes dont eat all my Hex's (rarely tho), but the main quantity of my meals are very healthy, with lots of fruit & veg..........right body you're going to get a kick up the ***! Thanks Madame.....by the way, well done on your fantastic weight loss, how long did it take you?
I started losing January 20th last year, reached target 25th October, so 9 months altogether, but I didn't start SW until May, found myself floundering a bit around easter and needed something to get the focus back. Wish it had been sooner!!! :D
I have just had a week of shaking things up & found it's really helped my weight loss improve. Usually I lose 0.5lbs to 1lbs a week but this week I lost 3lbs.

I had different HEB's everyday & at least 2 scan bran's a day & lots of water.
Mixed & matched my days so I was getting a good variety of the plans.
Plenty of speed & superspeed foods.
And even changed my syns a little by having a mix of different things. I really enjoyed my week. xxx
Right I'd better get myself down to Holland & Barrett & get some Scan Brans! Will be drinking plenty of water with them tho as they are rather dry! Have no probs with the speed/superspeed foods as enjoy them daily. Might also do some research into herbal/alternative therapies for fluid retention as well, as belly is HUGE, but the rest of me seems to be shrinking around it....really wish I'd measured myself when I started SW. Do have chest, waist & hip measurements when I initially started SW in Dec '09, so might be useful to compare with those!

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