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Question - Fry Light Spray

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I have never counted syns with it (although I think if you pour it rather than spray it there may be syns.)

As for refilling with ordinary oil in theory you could but it is the contents that are syn free so if you use ordinary oil you will have to syn it if necessary.


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Yes it's free - no matter how many sprays you use but no, I don't think it could be refilled. You can buy a spray gizzmo that you fill yourself but then it becomes difficult to work out whether it's free or has syns.
if i remember correctly the ratio of oil to water is 1 part oil to 7 parts water and it is still syn free if you wanted to make your own i do that but also i have diff ones with garlic and chilli in for me syn free roast pots


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What a brilliant idea...,I didn't know you could make your own fry light.
I will definately give this a go...


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Fry light has only got 58% oil the rest is water and alcohol soya lecithin and other preservatives. it would be difficult to make your own so the right amount of oil comes out at each squirt. We have an oil spray which we tested by spraying onto a measuring spoon, one complete spray is the equivelant of 2 syns
there are actually more calories in frylight than vegetable oil. I was trying to explain to my mom how it is free and she checked calories and found out that gram for gram the fry light is higher cals lol


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Possibly but you would never use as little oil as you do with frylight, hence it being free!
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okay, this feels like the 'food abuse' debate all over again, how the hell can fry light be free, when sprayed, but not poured.

i ALWAYS pour it over my roastys, because i cannot, and will no, break my fingers trying to spray the amount of frylight i would need to equivalant how crispy they get when i pour.

so again, how the hell can it be free one way, but not another.

this whole thing makes me sad :( cause i thought i knew sw inside and out, and now everytime i come up with something new to do with my food i feel like i might be doing something wrong!


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I think that it's because of the amount you use when you pour Fern.
However, you have done so well, and if it works for you I would'nt worry too much about it. It's not like you have roasties every day!


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If SW says that Frylight Oil is free for as many sprays as I can use - then I shall stick with Spraylight - I suppose at £2+ a go it can be a little expensive, but well worth it and it lasts for ages - I have the Virgin Olive Oil and a Sunflower Oil Spray on the go all the time, it's a great advantage to the SW diet.


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I asked this question in class last week as I'm new to SW and was told it was free regardless of how much I used i.e; spraying loads on my sw chips. I love a few sprays of the sunflower one on toast instead of wasting syns on margerine.

Niki x

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