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Question of the day!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Here's a question for you...

I ate 1300 calories yesterday, but worked off 300+ at the gym last night.

Am I therefore to consider that I have eaten 1300 calories and enjoy the benefit of having been to the gym and worked off 300 calories, and have the workout assist my weightloss...


am I supposed to eat another 300 or so calories to boost my calorie intake for the day, and not leave it 1000, which is a little on the low side?

Your thoughts please?!!
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that is a confusing one that. i asked my dr today about all the calorie thing which even she was a bit confused with but said someone who regularly goes to the gym should be on about 1300-1500 but didnt say if that was before or after gym work out. i dont work out besides a little walking and she said as long as i get at least 1000 in i am doing the right thing
Alot of people recommend you eat some of the calories back to keep your body fueled, as you need to keep your intake above the 1200cals. Your body can go into starvation mode from exercising and not eating enough to keep yourself going if that makes any sense


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Do you think it counts that I ate my tea after the gym last night - so some of the calories I ate yesterday were in effect "re-fuelling" my body?

It's all so confusing, your right though Rach, and I don't want want my body to go into starvation mode, but if I eat all the calories I've worked off - I hate to ask - whats the point of me going to the gym!!

There's nothing quite so simple as dieting is there!!
It is really confusing, eating back the calories does work for some people, i have been reading about it on my fitness pal. The point of going the gym is to get fit, and you wouldnt end up putting weight on from eating your exercise calories as your body burns fat for 24 hours after a work out apparently!! Maybe i am wrong but if you want to look it up yourself hun and see. I am useless at explaining things lol :D
If you eat the extra calories your maintaining the weight you are ..
Let's say you eat 1600 calories of food in a day, and you do 30 minutes of 3.5 mph walking. There are websites, such as Free Calorie Counter, Weight Loss Calculators, and Weight Loss Tutorial | CaloriesPerHour.com that will tell you how many calories you burned in your walking. In your case, at your current weight of 145 lbs, that would be 125 calories burned. So, your calorie total for the day would be the equivalent of 1600 calories eaten minus 125 calories burned = 1475 total net calories for the day.
How many calories do you add for exercise?
I used to run for Sussex and I have a good friend who is a personal trainer....so I know quite a lot myself and he tells me other stuff also...

what we have to remember is a 1lb fat takes 3,500 calories to burn.....if we just top up what we burn we aren't going to lose weight you start maintaining the weight you are at that time !!
So I am on just under 1500 cals a day ....my daily workout and dog walking is over 700 calories.......let alone housework and other stuff....

Never go below "eating" 1200 calories......if your on a 1200 calorie diet and then you exercise thats fine you don't eat anymore as your only able to eat 1200......yes the exercise takes it below 1200 but thats when you lose weight !!
btw I didn't mean it to sound cocky lol :):)
its all so confusing isnt it though, everywhere you look there is something telling you something different!! aargh so frustrating!!
Yes it can be confusing Rach lol :)

But you need to burn more than you eat......otherwise it turns to fat....omg I found a simple explanation lol :):)

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