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Question re alternative shakes???


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I hope I won't get my head bitten off but here goes....I am finding it hard to afford the CS shakes and the avidlite are almost as expensive as postgage is expensive to Ireland, I am on a very tight budget at the moment :( I was wondering if I cold use the Slimfast shakes instead, they would cost me 8 euro as opposed to 40 ! I would still stick to the rest of the principles of CS ??
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I actually have some meal replacement bars here...from a failed attempt last year!...the carb content per bar is 25...not sure about the shakes.
i know on slimfast that you have 2 shakes per day with two 100 kcal snacks and an evening meal of around 600 kcals i dont know the exact figures but its something like that.

its sort of the same principles but with more calories so yea. have you ever seen the tesco shakes, a bit like slimfast but a bit lower in carbs?!

anyhow aint spoke to you ina while, how are you?


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Hi Honey, I'm not bad was feeling a bit fed up with hte whole CS thing over the weekend but back on track now. Up to my eyes with kids stuff at the moment, between dance shows, school walks, sports day, plays and exams...I seem to be chasing my tail all the time...I get very stressed when I have too much on and feel like I am going under but am trying the deep breathing my counselor did with me...it helps a bit!!!

How are things with you? I hope you and Luke are taking things nice and easy and enjoying each other instead of worrying about anything else:D

Can't get the tesco shakes here I'm afraid:(
Well, I forgot to take my shake to work with me today so popped into Tesco to buy there own ready to drink shake as an alternative. All I can say is :9529:. It was the worst thing I have ever consumed. It actually tasted like the plastic carton it came in. Totally gross.
Hope avidlite get more supplies in soon, I'm rapidly running out.
Emailed Sarah @ avidlite earlier, just got a reply saying shakes left France last week & they hoped they would be in stock by now. They are now expected Thurs/Fri :clap: might have to buy a few cs ones in the meantime.
my supplies are running low so thats a big thumbs up :D

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