Question re body optimise? Is it worth it?


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I joined the body optomise before xmas it was an xmas present and as I didnt have a class near me and with lo was really difficult to go .I was unaware the site you go in from class was differant to body optomise.I use it for all the recipes and syn values and it has a bit where you can add your dailly plan .It depends how much info you have but I think after my 3 months I may try and do it with just the support off the forum but will see how I go first


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I'm a body optimise member too...can't compare it to the site class sw members go to with a password as I've never seen it - you can't access both.....

It is probably more or less the same with menu suggestions and syn values etc...but body optimise members seem to get left a little in the new plan at the same time as class you do body imaging (which I have no idea what that is as its not on body optimise......)

at class you can buy products and have tasting sessions....and also buy the sw magazine cheaper....which again you don't get the benefit of all in all - they take your money and you do the work yourself......I wish I could go to a class instead but with a hubby that works shifts and 2 lo's its really not practical.....


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I do it - spend a fortune each month on it. I think it's a bit of a waste of money for me - it's just habit that I keep paying. If you know the plan then I wouldn't bother paying for it. Like above said - it's just giving you the info and you are on your own - there's no support. My new years resolution is to stop paying for it and start sticking to the plan!


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I too think it is not really worth the money.. compared to WW online which was much better but I prefer the SW plan.

I would miss however the syns online and the food diary but that's all I use.. seems a bit steep for that. The menu planner gets repetitive.There is no real other support available. I wish we could just use the SW site with everyone else.

Am considering cancelling my subs and going to a class to get the books etc and carrying on my own.


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I personally would not pay for it huni..

Easy for me to say I have followd for a year on my own and no class or BO but seems so rubbish!

These lot here are more help Im sure?!


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I got a bit over excited and paid for 3 months membership.I don't think it is anywhere near as good as the ww online site.:(
I am really disappointed with the fact that there is no info about the new extra easy plan on body optimise although class members have it now and there is mention of it on the sw homepage.
I won't be renewing after it runs out.
Angie xx