Question... To binge or not to binge?


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Hi everyone, back again!

After loosing a couple of stone last year and maintaining for a month or so, I slipped into old habits. First it was my sisters wedding with all the buffet food, then a birthday for a friend, a bbq as the weather was nice... You know how it goes.

Anyway, finally braved the scales last week and found I'm only 2lb shy of where I started my LT journey and felt a little ashamed.

I've decided that I'm going to go back on LT for a few months until I get back down to 14 st and then try and loose the last 2 st through maintenance. I've set a start date of 2/1 as I know that I'll be too hungover to manage a shake on NYD.

Between now and 2/1 I have Christmas lunch at the in-laws, Christmas lunch at my parents on boxing day, then a weekend in London for a friends birthday, and a NYE party where there is a huge buffet. Should I just enjoy them all and not worry about the extra few lb i put on over Christmasm or should I try and be good in preparation?

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NOT TO BINGE! first things first... best thing to do is start after xmas so you get the festivities out of the way and you can enjoy them!,...perhaps in the week after xmas start cutting down on your carbs and get ready to go back on to LT! Good luck! also you know that you can do it coz you have done it before... and this time round im sure you will be even better at maintaining.. coz none of us want to do LT for ever!!! good luck xx


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NOOOOO don't binge. I'm starting LT for the first time on saturday but the past week I've been trying to be really good to get a head start. Don't make extra work for yourself x

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Definately not to binge. Perhaps enjoy smaller portions eat slowly etc. Maybe cut down on your carbs before starting back on lipotrim.

Had you nearly got to your target weight? I'm really worried about losing weight getting to target and then putting it back on!! I've been overweight for 20 years now and on lipotrim I can see that I can get to goal for the first time, which makes me feel nervous and excited and apprehensive.XX


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The key to long term weight maintenance is to get off of the binge/diet train and just moderate.

Therefore I would eat "well" over Xmas but not to excess.



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DO NOT BINGE eat normally enjoy what you eat but DO NOT eat as if its going out of fashion as fat to thin says we all need to get out of the binge diet cycle
have a great christmas in moderation

all the best
xx Sharron


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S: 16st11.9lb C: 14st5.3lb G: 12st8lb BMI: 28.1 Loss: 2st6.6lb(14.67%)
Thanks everyone, I think I'll just enjoy the festive food on offer and then try to cut down the carbs over the next week.

Blue eyes, I was still a little way from target weight but went onto maintenance for my sisters wedding so that I could eat and join in. One thing led to another and I never got back on the wagon to loose the rest of the weight.

I'm definitely more determined this time though.


Best wishes Mousey.. Your question 'binge or not to' answers itself when you look deep within urself/soul an realise 'to be happy, or not to be??'