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Hello... I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm on LL and have been following the plan for nearly 9 weeks. I have 5 weeks left of foundation but after a couple of lapses I am sturggling to not have some small slip ups. You are not allowed an AAMW on LL but I was wondering if I did add a meal in place of one of my packs whether it would affect my weight loss. The thing I am worried about is that I stayed the same last week and I am worried I wont lose any more weight before the end because I keep cheating.

If I was to follow the allowed food for AAMW for Cambridge then I think I may stand more chance of losing. What can I have as an AAM and what are your losses when you do have this.

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Hey why dont you change over to cd ?

in aamw its just a little bit of chicken plus all your packs.. and the weight loss varies from person to person some report 12 pounds a month rather than 14 pounds a month on ss....
well I did consider it but I really feel I need the discipline of the counselling although I'm not sure I rate it that highly in my group. I want to see through the 14 weeks on LL.
There is a 'sticky' at the top of the page which has a list of the AAM food amounts on it, about half way down.

It is about 4oz of protein and 2 tablespoons of a 'green' veg - but there is a comprehensive list on the sticky.

The losses on 790 (which is similar to our Add a Meal week, but a bit bigger portions), is generally agreed to be about 2lb's a month les than SS.

I personally don't have an AAMW, but do have 2 or 3 meals each week - as it suits my lifestyle better. Yuo can see from my losses that (despite this weeks loss:rolleyes:) I've been doing ok, so hopefully that will give you an idea of what to expect.

I think sometimes making a pro-active move when doing this diet, can keep you on track a lot longer, than sticking rigidly to it and finding it harde and harder.

The other good thing about being allowed a small amount of food is that you can eat without feeling guilty, and where there is no guilt, there is (in my experience) les chance of that food turning into a binge.

Good luck!
hey come here for dicipline and its free lol.. and depends on the cdc!

best of luck with what ever you decide though ..

and stop cheating..


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