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quick query



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I don't, but I don't use up my weeklies :)
i do too was just curious :)
I just wondered wud it affect losses if i didn’t :/
I've switched the milk I use in my 3/4 cups of tea to skimmed and now don't point - I'm still losing but my overall losses have dropped anyway because of the weight I currently am so I cant say if it's had massive effect or not?
I point my breakfast milk but don't bother if I have a couple of cups of tea in the day, I use skimmed milk though and do like it strong so only literally have a splash of milk!


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I don't usually but after sts for 3 weeks I pointed 2pp for semi skimmed milk for tea/coffee throughout the day (varies how many I have depending on how busy we are!) and I lost 2lb this week! (plus reached my 10% :D) not sure if that helped by pointing it, but it the only thing I've done differently


I want to be fitter again
I measured how much milk i used in a day for teas and coffee and was quite shocked that my "splash " of milk was at least 50mls in each cup!! I deduct 4 points now from the start of my day to cater for my milk in drinks and on cereals
I only have a splash in my tea but point 2 points a day. Then sometimes I have a milky decaf coffee at night which uses a bit more so I think it evens itself out. Though am thinking I might start measuring and just checking as I have 3 points less a day now than when at beginning and suspect I'mmusing just one point on skimmed milk a day and would be better off counting a point then extra if I have coffee.

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