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Quick question for you experts


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My sister is doing atkins and last night when she came round and had tea.............i made steak for them lot!!!!!!!! (chips for some salad for her)

she said why couldnt i have any as it was protein, won't come out of Ketosis. blah blah blah.
and i didnt have an answer, i said this is TFR full stop and she kept going on and then to shut her up i said i had to get weighed tomorrow, so i didnt want to ruin it. :confused:

can you guys tell me what to say to her ....... i'm sure she'll be around at some point today, (to check my weight loss compared to her no doubt) :confused:
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Because it doesn't matter which diet you do, you lose weight by making calories in less than calories out. Whether it's Atkins, WW, SW or LT/CD/LL.

Okay, with ketosis, it's easier to get less calories as you're in ketosis so have a natural appetite suppressant. Also ketosis helps the fat burning process, but it's still calories in vs calories out.

With Atkins, you can still have too many calories whilst sticking to it and yet still end up plateauing. With diets such as LT/CD and LL, you just can't have too many calories. Not if you stick to it anyway:D You are bound to lose weight.

Also many people find having no food ie tfr, is easier than just having a bit. By taking it right out of the equation, lose the weight very quickly without having to make decisions about how many carbs/calories are in the food.


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Protein will keep you in ketosis.... but, Lt is design as a 400 cal diet and that is why the weight loss is sooooo fab! You will be narrowing the calorie gap if you eat anything and this WILL show in your losses... Why dont you watch the video its a great motivator and a fab reference for advice xx Welcome to the Lipotrim Website this will take you directly to the online one xxx
Also, if you start eating it can become a slippery slope! And it can end in a binge!!! eating whilst in ketosis will also give you hunger pangs back...its all mind games hun... and SOOOO NOT WORTH IT!!

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