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Quick question....

....I have jumped back on LT which I started yesterday. Problem is I could only get 4 strawberry off the chemist to see me through until tomorrow by which time his new stock comes in.
Thankfully I had a chicken soup left over from last time I was on it so I had that for tea last night which was beautiful,by the way I love the soups and nothing else except Strawberry at a push which I have had for dinner today. Anyhow tonight I have nomore chicken:mad: so its looking like another sweet one.
BUT I have found a maintenence cream of vegetable soup in my LT stores....the bread bin. The difference as far as can see is maintenence are 43.5g and full LT are 73.5g.
So question is after blurting on like a burst ar5ehole can I have it instead of a strawberry? Or even have that and half of a strawberry:confused:
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weighs a lot less
not too sure about that but as you aint in ketosis yet maybe you could risk dont know if it will take you longer to get in though , sorry that wasnt much help was it x
If you really cant face the thought of another sweet one, I would go for the soup and half of the strawberry, thats just my opinion though, as I am new and only started today.
Can I ask you, how much water do you mix your soup with?
Cheers Lilo:D
I always have a litre of water with my soup Kered and pepper and garam masala and chilli and paprika and cajun and and and;)


weighs a lot less
i had a maintenance bar when i was in ketosis and that didnt knock me out , the strawberry aint that bad infact its luxury compared to the soup x
no no no no no no Soup is the bogs dollox xx


weighs a lot less
do you know when you are allowed the flapjacks ive got a few left from last time im sure you are supposed to wait a few weeks x
2 weeks for me last time. x


weighs a lot less
missing chewing already though but i suppose it will do me good to give my mouth a rest lol im off the chemist on friday still dont know how much i weigh dont think i want to know this time then it will be more down to how i feel rather than what i weigh x
the flap jacks do eventually grow on you, they are just so handy and its better than chewing pens and pencils and in Lills case the furniture:D
Cheers Lilo:D
I always have a litre of water with my soup Kered and pepper and garam masala and chilli and paprika and cajun and and and;)
I tried to have it as thick as possible to make it more of a soup like consistency, I mixed it with 250ml of water. I think I would gag too much if I had to drink a litre of soup :sick:
I was dreading getting on the scales, especially someone else knowing how much I weighed!! My Pharmacy was so nice though and it made me feel less embarrassed.

I wish I did like the flapjacks coz they would've been so handy for work!
Yeah I know but its just a lot that I like, mind you thats why im probably back oops! When you mix it moist I mean watery (I just like that word) its like having a real crap cuppa soup but I just prefer savoury over spice:)


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hi gary

if i were you id stick with the strawberry but its up to you :) i went back today and got weighed and im so damn cold already (and yeah probably something to do with the weather as well) lol but you know what i mean, just cold everywhere, so just had a bath to warm up...yep i remember that from last time too!

h xx how r u btw? and have you heard anything from tracey?
Hi Harri, Trace oh yeah she doesnt leave me alone, you know how it is;):D
She seems fine pet she will probably pop on here soon.
Guess i Will have a strawberry then huh:(
Mermaid I sent you a PM


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Eh up fella :)

You must've had the same email from the mods as me then... get back on Minimins as the ketonic dirty-minded TRF lasses on here are in desperate need of some firm & masterful disciplining ;)

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