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Quick spiced toasts


Gone a bit quiet
This is a variation on other things already on here but it's really nice as a quick change.

Use recipe for microwave bread. Add a level teasp mixed spice, two or three teasps sweetener, tablespoon of Goji berries and cook for three or four mins in the microwave. When it is cooked split it in half across, toast gently till light brown. Spread with quark, sweetened if you like and maybe flavoured with cocoa or something - vanilla? Cinnamon? It's really good. I used plain quark with a bit of rhubarb on top, nearest to bread and jam I've had for ages.
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Made this yesterday and it was really yummy, so thanks for the idea. Didn't have any mixed spice so just added a shake each of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice. Think this will now be my new weekend treat!


Gone a bit quiet
I'd made a plain portion of bread, then was reminded of the spicy version by you, Emmma, so just put spices on top with a sprinkle of Splenda. It does taste like something that should make us feel guilty!
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Gone a bit quiet
I'll try to put a photo up. Can't do it from my iPad, the mm site doesn't recognise it as having a directory of photos etc. Perhaps some others can photo their containers too? Jo? Anja? Emmma?
I have one like Emma's (not a takeaway one though - Tupperware-style) and the bread is excellent.

Thanks for this recipe, Topaz. I've tried it and loved it and will be adopting it for Thursdays:D.


Gone a bit quiet
containers for DD bread

Here's a photo of mine. I've tried to give an idea of size by putting a 500 gram Total 0% Yoghurt carton next to it. The Total carton is slightly higher/deeper but the same diameter. Then realised that you could probably use a Total carton so put it in microwave to see if it went bubbly. It didn't so I'll try it tomorrow, having made my bread for today.

what I like about it is that it comes out roughly the size and depth of a burger bap. You can split it like a roll and fill or use just half per time. The one in the photo is a sweet spiced one with goji berries. the extra depth is probably why mine needs 3.5 minutes, and I'm generous with the baking powder too. It would come about half way up the Total carton, perhaps a little more. The photo perspective makes it look big


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