Quite proud of myself really...


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OK, what I'm about to say may well be TMI. But rather to my horror yesterday, I woke up feeling extremely sick. In the way you do, I thought it might go away if I had something to drink.

Wrong. It could be a while before I drink black coffee again...

I couldn't quite believe my ill-fortune (pun intended) as I went down with a tummy bug on Day 6 of my second restart this year (there have been three :eek:) - and this was Day 6 again (of the third restart, obviously). But I made up my mind that when I started to feel better late yesterday evening (it having been a full 24 hours since I'd last had anything), I wouldn't eat anything carby, however much I might want to. I figured out that a Cambridge muffin would work just as well as toast, and when that stayed down, I nibbled at some plain chicken.

So this is just to say - however weird it might be to comment on it - that just because you're ill, you don't have to succumb to the carb monsters. Of course, if it's something that's gonna last more than 24 hours, that's different.
But bizarre though it might seem, I'm really quite proud of myself today...

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Well done you for not letting the carb monster win. You can do this hun, well if I can then you certainly can.

Keep strong. Hope you feel better soon

Charlie xx

Mrs Scoffalot

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Excellent news and so you should be very proud of yourself as an illness on cambridge can be the straw that broke the camels back on your efforts!

well done you


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Hope you're feeling better today, reading your post it's obvious your head is in the right place, well done x


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You should be proud of yourself too. Glad you're all better now.


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Well done Lilly on keeping your resolve :)

I too am poorly ill but am determined not to let that interfere with my hard work so far :eek:

Btw whats a CD muffin? How do you make them?



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Oo well done, no wonder your proud of yourself :D i will remember this when i am ill ( hopefully i wont be) and try not give in to the carb monsters hehe! Well done you xxx


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Well done lily, the idea of a Cambridge muffin was a good idea.

I believe that there are some recipies posted on a sticky. I make a fairly 'primitive' version using chocolate or vanilla flavour foodpacks. I mix the powder into a paste within a small bowl and then stick it into the microwave for a couple of minutes. Be sure to flip it over so it doesn't get burnt and stand-by the microwave, as just a few extra seconds could cause havoc. As far as I know you shouldn't alter more than one of your foodpacks daily by cooking, freezing into ice-cream etc


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I wondered after I wrote it whether I should explain about the muffin...

It's one of those things where the rules have changed. The first time I did CD, there was no problem (so far as anyone knew) with making a shake up as a muffin. Now Cambridge's Head Office have decreed that if you cook packs, they lose valuable nutrients. So... cooking them is a no-no if you're only on 3 packs a day cos you lose vital vitamins etc. If however, you're on 4 a day, I believe it's acceptable to 'cook' one of them.

See this sticky for more details on how to make them: http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/2518-recipes-foodpack-muffin-crisps-fudge-cake.html

I figured that as otherwise, I'd have eaten nothing yesterday (or a slice of toast), it wouldn't hurt to have one. I'd forgotten how nice they could be. Mmm, vanilla muffin...

Feeling much better now, thanks guys. :)