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    I quit smoking just over 3 weeks ago and I have been very depressed since , I have binge eaten for two weeks which has made me gain half a stone , I have uncontrollable crying and sobbing and I cant sleep. I havent left the house for more than 5 minutes in two weeks , I just feel to low and have no energy , I am over heating too , I keep sweating and getting nervous. Sorry I doubt anyone will have anything to say but go to the doctor , but I am unemployed and I cant afford that at the moment
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    Sounds like you need nicotine replacement therapy. Can your finances stretch to some patches etc just to get you over the worst withdrawal? I gave up yesterday and use the patches. And I really haven't craved at all. They really really help!!

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    Well done for quitting, both of you. I managed to successfully quit 2 years ago myself, cold turkey. It can be done. (Admittedly I piled on the weight afterwards but that's why I'm here)

    Jojobear - it sounds like a case of some serious Nicotine withdrawal symptoms. I think trying to lose weight and quit is a double struggle. Maybe patches are the way forward for you.

    I did find the NHS Smoke Free Kit (Smoking? | Advice to help you stop smoking | NHS SmokeFree) absolutely ridiculous when it arrived on my doorstep but it did actually work when I put the SmokeFree poster up and followed it day by day ticking off each day.

    Good luck to both of you!!
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    What do you guys think of those electronic cigs for quitting?
  6. kathyd

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    My mom went through the same thing when she finally quit for good. It will go away eventually, but in the meantime (since you can't afford the doctor) there's a couple things you can try. Exercise creates natural feel-good hormones, and might help with the emotional issues. If it gets you out of the house that's even better. The eating may partially be a psychological replacement for having the cig in your mouth. Try to find something else, like sugar free gum, celery and carrots, maybe some of those flavored honey twisters? Anything to give you that physical feeling but without the added calories.
  7. cariadrae

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    try reading Allen Carrs book - he explains very well why you are feeling as you are and how you can overcome it
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    I gave up smoking 14 years ago after smoking 30 a day for a long time. I went through exactly the same symptoms. I put on over 1.5 stones, felt terrible initially. Once I had quit my addiction I did start to gradually feel better. About 18 months after i gave up I joined WW. Within 10 weeks I had gone fro
    10st to 8st 8lb.
    I feel better for not smoking. But I still yoyo with my weight. Bear with it because you are doing a great thing by not smoking
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