*Race For Life 2009*


Hey Everyone,

I'm sure everyone here knows about the Race For Life, for those who don't-
Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life began in 1994 to raise funds for the charity’s pioneering work to help beat cancer.
It is now the biggest women-only fundraising event in the UK, with every pound raised in sponsorship going towards furthering our ground-breaking work. This includes the scientists, doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to find new treatments for the disease.
Taking part
Race for Life events are open to women of all levels of fitness. There is no prize for first place and almost half the participants choose to walk the course.
Last year, 665,000 women took part in 280 venues across the UK between May and July. This year, Cancer Research UK hopes even more women take part.

Basically, every one of us have either been touched by cancer, or knows someone who has. For those who don't know about me, i sadly lost my grandmother and my mother to cancer before i was 16. I was orphaned because of this terrible disease and i take part in the Race For Life every year to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

I thought i'd start a thread about the Race For Life 2009 because registration opens this month at www.raceforlife.org, i hope loads of you sign up and sponsor your friends.

I also think it's a fantastic motivation to get moving and a bit more fit, i walked it last year but if i hadn't trained i woudln't have made it around the course!

I want to know who's with me, who's going to sign up and we can use this thread as a HQ for all Race for Life goings on!

Together we can beat cancer!

Update - I have heard on the grapevine you will be able to register for the Race For Life 2009 from the 19th January 2009 by visiting www.raceforlife.org or calling 08716412282

Brittany xxxxxxxx

Slimming World Team

Brittany (qualitybrittany) - Maidstone.
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Don't worry, be happy :)
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I really want to do it this year but i don't think I'll get the time to train with two little ones at home. My sister has done is the last two years and we've always gone along to support her (I couldn't do it as I was heavily pregnant both times) so it would be great to join her.
If I can work around getting time to train for it, I'll be up for doing it.


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Oh yh I want to do this! Am thinking I will do it at Blackheath, where will you do yours Brit?


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how far is the race for life usually? i know theres lots of different ones but just on average


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5k ususally - just under 3 miles! I need to train and fast!


I'll be doing the one in Maidstone.
My friend runs it but Mote Park, in Maidstone, is mostly uphill lol so i walk it.
Always dress up doing it too... this is me and my friend Ali before the race last year-


To be honest i don't think you need to do any hardcore training unless you plan to run it. I'd say if you were walking it like i am, to just go for regular walks a few times a week and alternate your speed (5 mins normal, 5 mins fast etc)

I'd like to organise a list of who is doing it, where and your sponsor website, so we can have a Slimming World team! If you'd like to be a part of it, let me know and i'll start making the list in the first post.



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I have just registered for the info and date can enter! x


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I am going to do it as well! Just off to register.


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i have registered my interest
when is it usually?


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Every year I think that i would love to do this but never feel brave enough. Too unfit, too fat blah blah. I don't really want to do it on my own but don't really know anyone who would do it with me.

Anyhows, I have registered my interest and will give myself a talking to! This is MY year - the year in which, with the exception of my children, I come first. And that includes what any random stranger might think of me so maybe I can do it.....


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i registered my interest a few weeks ago i will be doing it at temple newsam in leeds xx


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I would like to do this, I lost my sis in law to cancer age 17:cry: Trouble is I have no-one to do this with, anyone else doing the Liverpool one?


Ah it's good to see there's lots of support, but to all those who are in the 'maybe' frame of mine because they don't have anyone to do it with blah blah, i did it on my own last year, (my friend ran while i walked so went round on my own) quite overweight and dressed in neon pink as a fairy.
Who gives a damn? Lol.
It's not for us, it's to raise money for a very worthy cause.
My mum always said she wanted to do it but thought she was unfit, overweight etc, and now she'll never have a chance to do it.
We've all got someone we have in memory when we think of Cancer, and it's 4 years this year since my Mum died and 8 years this year since my Nan, both of Cancer.
So come on people, get off the maybe train and get on the yes express.
Go register your interest!


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Wooo get you lol

Where will you do it Brit?


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I've registered my interest, but still feel that its not something I could do on my own, I would just feel a bit stupid I think:rolleyes:

I wonder if we could maybe get people off Minis to meet up at the various locations and do it with each other?


Wish, how can you feel stupid when you're saving people's lives?

Claire, i'll be doing it in Maidstone love xx