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Race for life

Theres a thread on here about the c25k challenge. It's an app for IPhone but u can get it for other phones and mp3 players. It is interval training aimed at getting u to be able to do 5k after 9 weeks. Starts with alternating 1.5 mins walking then 1 min running etc. Fab app. X


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im doing this, im not a runner either but in my training i did manage to do 2 miles alright
im not training for it though anymore, know i should be though
5k is around the 3 mile mark. c25k is a great way to begin. i had never heard of this when i began training for a 5k several years ago. i just did a walking running thing myself and gradually upped my running from 1min to 40mins. i now know how to train properly for events leading up to a half marathon. i was never a natural runner but when you get into it it starts getting to be 2nd nature. i would say though that training outside is a must rather than the treadmill as running outside is so much different to running on the treadmill. i prefer running outside to the treadmill.


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ive done 5k before, i would have been fine it wasnt agony to even walk :(
the thing that will keep me going is my friend aimee, this is in her memory and with her there in spirit that will push me to keep up the running :) i dont want anyone to ask me about my backsign though as it will say her name, i still cant talk about her, too upsetting :(
i think that that is the very thing that is upsetting about the RFL when you read the signs on everyone's backs, who they're running for, the pictures etc. brings tears to my eyes.

i'm doing 2 this year anyway. one for me to run and one with my 4 year old daughter that we will walk dressed up as fairies lol :)


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the sad thing is, we all know someone who has either has or had cancer and lived or passed away....
Hi everyone.
Anyone taken part with a dog before? I've signed up for Delamere as dogs are welcome and he always runs with me. Would really like to take him!! X


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I'm really excited about doing it! I'm pretty scared about seeing all the signs on people's backs, I cry easily! I'm just running if for all the patients I see every week with cancer.
I've been inspired to do the run for life this year - I'm hoping to do it twice, a month between each one. I'm planning to walk as I have problems with my knee and don't think running will do me any favours. But it costs £15 to enter! I know that isn't much but it seems strange that in order to fund raise I've got to pay to enter lol Best of luck with your races ladies, let us know how u do :)
I signed up for it today. Mine's the 3rd July, which conveniently gives me 9 weeks... just how long the C25K challenge is :p

I am pretty sure that the £15 sign up fee is a donation too
Mine is 3rd of July too. I am doing C25K and I'm amazed how much progress I have made. I couldn't run more than 45 seconds, now I can easily do 5 mins! I am only on week 4 of 9, so a lot more training to do :)
Mine is 3rd of July too. I am doing C25K and I'm amazed how much progress I have made. I couldn't run more than 45 seconds, now I can easily do 5 mins! I am only on week 4 of 9, so a lot more training to do :)
:D Same as me!! I have done day 1 of week 4 today...so long way to go. My first go at rfl on the 3rd at stratford...arggh excited :)


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You don't have to know anybody personally, it's just that people are more inclined to do it if they've been affected by it in some way. I think one of the reasons they ask for an entry fee is A) to cover costs and overheads and B) if you pay an amount that is large enough you will really think about handing it over, you'll be more likely to turn up. It would be no good if they had 1,000 entrants who signed up for free and 750 decided they had something better to do on the day! I will be doing the 10km in July at Clapham, I'm not running it and as long as I finish I will be more than happy. I will be doing it on my own although I will have sideline support! Good luck to anyone doing it.

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