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Random questions

This is all so new to me and just not sure on a few things.

1) Milk is a no?
2) Pork scratchings are okay? (I love them!)
3) To lose weight quickly eat lots of meat and eggs with green leafy veg
4) Alcohol is a no?
5) Do you eat like this forever? As in never drink or only occasionally as a treat?

I am scouring everyones threads for info here, but just want to clarify :D
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Clean green leafy machine
Hi Water

Ask away babe - you have lots of experts to lean on here :)

1) No to milk - but you can have cream and soya
2) Pork scratchings are very good - and you can get a pack of 6 for £1 at the Poundshop
3) lots of meat and eggs with green leafy veg - that's the key!
4) Alcohol - wine is v high in sugar, and when your body is burning off the alcohol it's not burning fat (i think that's how it works) - people here usually turn to vodka or gin with slimline tonic, etc
5) Long term - I guess you just have to balance a night out with induction eating. Jim does that when he knows he has a big evening out - it's the pendulum principle - before you put it on, take it off :D

Hope that helps :)

Hey Susie, that's great, thanks.
Am pleased about the pork scratchings thing! Need to find a poundshop now.
Heard Jim talking about the meat at Lidl or Aldi, can't remember which, but we have both close by.
I do love wine, but was getting through far too much and it usually makes me eat more the next day.
This will be weekend number 2 of not drinking, which is a big deal for me. Will stick to vodka then if I'm out and decide to have one.
I've heard some people say that cream can stall them, so I might stick to black until I'm well on my way.
Hallo there,

I've actually found cream helps break me out of a stall (although when I say stall I'm only talking a couple of days). The past couple of times it looked like my progress was stalling I had a few teaspoons of cream in the evening and the next day I'd lost! Who knows though, might just have been a coincidence (or probably not having a high enough fat intake without it). I've only really been doing Atkins a couple of weeks though...

I also read that a lot of people say caffeine can make them stall so you might want to monitor that too.

Know what you mean about alcohol. 2 weeks off for me too. Literally cannot wait for a glass of white! I almost went to the wine shop tonight to look for low-carb wine! If you do want a regular glass though I think the dry wines are the lowest in carbs - think chardonnay, sav blanc etc.
Ooh, that's good then. Love wine and vodka, so I should be okay and the drier the better as far as wine is concerned.

Coffee I have decaffeinated, so hopefully that won't cause any issues.
now i am near to goal i ahve been known to have the odd few voddie and diet coke or gin adn slimline hic x
although i have severely cut back (used to have a glass every night) i am still drinking in moderation. i prefer red wine, but these days am also having GnT, which i also like.

i think it was milk that was stalling me. like a silly newbie i was still having it in my numerous coffee's, thinking it would be ok. i prefer skimmed milk, been having it for years, can't abide cream in my coffee, yuk! the last 2 weeks i have switched to soya, a fraction of the carbs. i am sloooowly squiring the taste, i could never do without coffee, so its worth it. i like real coffee black, but not instant.
I quite like all coffee black and that's all I used to have, but over the last year I've been having skimmed milk. Love cream though.
Do you know in Morrisons you can get real coffee bags, like tea bags, but full of real coffee? It's lovely.
hmmm really watergirl may have to pay a visit then
Yes it's red wine and G&T for me when I do have a drink, mainly on a Friday night. :)


Clean green leafy machine
coffee bags sounds good, be nice to have real coffee when camping etc too !
I just bought some of the Starbucks real coffee in sachets from Tescos - £2 for 7, £££ I know, will report back on taste.

I love Starbucks mocha frappucinos. Could make them at home with those sachets, cream and ice. That's a meal in itself!

More questions. I know it's a long way off (my wedding - June next year) but the food plan is quite carb laden. Things like wedding cake etc, booze, sweetie table. What actually happens when you've been carb free for months on end and then eat something?
When I did Cambridge and then had a night drinking and eating I was violently sick the same evening within hours and then ill the next day!

Another question, which I've mentioned on another thread about exercise. Do people build it up? On CD because you're in ketosis it's recommended that you take it easy. However, on that you don't have fat to give you energy.
ah you will be fine on your wedding,. eat what you like and worry about the carb hangover when you new hubby can look after you :)
i would agree with the introducing carbs beforehand bit, possibly even 2 weeks before, to let your body adjust and get over the horrid part of it, then get back to lowcarbing perhaps a week after the wedding.

only my thoughts, not based on any hard facts!

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