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just my first week on points like that i can still eat what i want,:) :)


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its my first week on WW and i chose to do the points plan. i like the fact i can eat what i like aslong as i stick to my points.

good luck with the exercise hun :)


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Im doing the points plan aswell, couldnt do core my tummy doesnt let me know when its full up hahahahahaha


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Errmmm. I was doing Core but switched mid week to going back to Pointing. Just didnt trust myself with core, and my tum too just doesnt know when its full!! :eek:

Am much happier now pointing up my food, as know exactly where I am and have got the flexibility to have whatever I want and not just foods on the core plan.

So another pointer here!! :D


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:tear_drop: so i'm all alone

I'm really enjoying core and looking forw3ard to WI tomorrow now how sad is that? :rotflmao:
I am not sure core would work for me, as it involves alot of making up from scratch which I dont always have time for. I WOULD like to try it however.

Those on core, did you find that during the change over you lost more weight? How do you compare it to the points plan?

I'd like to try it as it would stop me from eating alot of rubbish that I cant seem to get away from!

Hi Im doing points
But there is alot of members at the meeting i go to doing core I would like to have a go but i think i would use more than 3 points aday


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funny as i just don't get on with points!

Also made a decision today, that i'm not happy in my job (have been there nearly a year) was at previous company 13 years!! I'm just so bored and need to be busy and i'm not, there is only so much paper shuffling you can do. My boss doesn't know how to use me... So just registered on SecsintheCity - secretarial jobs, admin jobs in London & the UK and have applied for half a dozen roles.... and a few are partime and for more money than i'm on :)

fingers crossed


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How did you get on at your WI raudi???

I have been unsure about core and my WW leader said that watever plan we choose we need to do it for the whole week and not swop plans halfway through a week, so I decided not to do core at the moment!! Was interested to notice that plain ryvita is allowed on core, but any of the other ryvitas have to be taken from your weekly points allowance...

I think I might do points for a month, then core for 2 weeks, then points again and try to keep the variety that way!


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WI results................

Hi all!!!!

Sorry WI was 2.5lb so got my first silver 7 in 2 weeks!! I'm well impressed!!

I've been having the multigrain ryvita and use the online planner on WW site, and they are free on core!

I'm just finding this so easy... although next week will be a test
dreaded PMT is due and will have to take my anti depressants for the week so i'm bearable to live with and not a beetch from hell :badmood: plus i normally crave sweet thinks so have popping corn at the ready and ww biscuits rather than hitting the choccy! Also i think the running i'm doing will help lift my mood... So i wont resemble eyeore under a black cloud!!! lol


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