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Raynee - This is IT!!

I'm 25, I live in England and i'm 5 stone or so lighter than I used to be a few years ago! But I still have a long long way to go.

I started my weight journey years ago, when I was at my heaviest - 23stone. I tried several diets from WW to SW, Atkins to Slim Fast. They all contributed to my weight loss, some more than others. My weight was up and down though, whilst I yo-yo'd and swapped and changed to different diets. I had, still have, no confidence - although it is improving, as my weight goes down!!

The big change came last summer, when I was diagnosed as diabetic. I kept it to myself (noone knows except you, now) I am ashamed, embarassed and (was) scared. I ignored it and went rebelious against the fact I am diabetic. I ate bars of chocolate, crisps, one after the other. Then one day I woke up and I couldn't see. I had lost most of my vision. I knew it was my diabetes and I knew I had to do somthing and quickly. From that day forwould, I follow Atkins, I have my own version of it though, in fact, dr.bernsteins. 6 carbs for breakast, no more than 11 carbs for lunch and dinner. I check my blood sugars often. I find this together with the help from Atkins recipies and books, helps to keep my blood sugars near to normal.

Anyway, I have been browsing these Forums for days, looking at the recipies and improving my low carb diet - and finaly decided to join up and contribute.

I have tried writing diaries for a long long time, but I never tell the entire truth, as i'm scared someone will find it and read it. Here, i'm sort of anomynous, and I make a pledge to myself, to tell the utter truth in my diary! Oooo it's exciting :p

Going shopping tomorrow with a list of things to get, after seeing some of your lovely recipies.
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Welcome to our lovely forum. You can be as anonymous as you like on here. If you've been reading for a while you'll know we are a friendly bunch but it is quieter on here at the weekend. I'll be around cos I don't have a life! Lol its really cos my oh works shifts and the dog gets bored with my witterings :)
lol reading that and it's like reading something I wrote - i'm also reading these forums at whacky hours and most of the time :p also due to my shift work too. And yes, my dog cannot bare it any more either I think.

I have indeed noticed what a friendly bunch you all are :D


This is for life
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Hi Raynee
Welcome aboard:D
Agree this is a great place to post with anonimity while having a lovely supportive team around. Really helps :)

Your story brings home the reality of where our bodies can take us - and i just so thankful to have found this way of eating now - we can do it:)

Look forward to getting to know you better
Yesterday was shopping day! Popped into Tesco with a list i'd made from scanning through the recipie section on here. Going to make the asparagus wrapped in bacon for lunch, followed maybe by a 'test' curry tonight (i've never made a proper curry!)

I bought some cocoa powder and stirred it into creame, IT WAS DIVINE! but it felt so bad!!!!!!!!!! I didn't test my sugar level after it as I was heading out, technically it should not raise my blood sugar much - but for the simple reason it felt so bad to be drinking - i recon my odd system will have just added a few extra numbers on to the meter! I will test this properly tomorrow morning. Today I am testing a Whey protein drink I bought yesterday in Holland and Barret - the powder smells lovely, but the taste it a little weird. I had some at 8:00am this morning and i'm due to test at 11:00am so i'll note that down. Again, it shouldn't affect my sugar levels, but I like to be sure.

Yesterday we went over to visit family, usualy in the 'old' days, saturday night spent with them meant a big old takeaway, with that in mind, I took a can of beef madras from Tesco with only 4carbs in half the can, and a packet of microwave veg. I was so good! I did have jelly and creame for afters :p

Food Diary for yesterday:
B: A pot of jelly (was late up and rushing around)
L: Creame and cocoa, lettuce, coleslaw and ham with some cheese
D: Beef madras and veg with a jelly and creame for afters
Weighed this morning: 17.12
4lbs down! feels good to finally be in the 17's now!

Brunch: 2x Black Farmers Sausages with a lump of cheese and coleslaw
Dinner: Gammon Steak with cheese sauce and veg
Snack: nuts and jelly with cream

Although i've had a good loss again, today I feel fat! Obviously I am still fat, but I have been feeling so high on life with my weight going down, I don't feel that today. I even did some sit ups and some exercises at home but it didn't change the way I felt. I can't wait until Friday when I can start attending the swimming pool again, and maybe even go for the gym!

I think i'm feeling a bit worse because i've added more cream and bits, which I consider naughty still :S I need to get it into my head that these foods are not naughty!! I think I will change things a little. Have a 'clean' week and then a normal week. A clean week being, just meat and salad or veg. A normal week being added jelly and cream and nuts and burgers etc. We'll see.
4 down,well done. :D
beware the cream and nuts though,they
can make weight loss slower.
Tested BS with the cocoa and cream - didn't hardly rise!!

TY for that info Roos, will have to cut back a bit on the creame I think!

Used a recipie I found on here - Cheeseburger Pie! The entire family loved it! Got a bit saved for my lunch tomorrow. Gonna check my BS soon though as it's made me feel a bit dreary! I've been in the early 5's the past week with rises only immediatly after eating of course, but returning to normal within the time frame - so that's sweet :D


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Welcome Raynee

We all love the pie here :)


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Mmmmmm- cheeseburger pie - runs off to check the weekly menu plan..........:)
Lol, it was great - only had room room for a small slice, well small for me :p was a good job though otherwise i'd probably have eaten the lot lol. Went swimming in the end last night - was lovely, havn't been for ages and had the pool to myself! Can't be bothered with breakfast this morning so just having a pot of sf jelly with a realy light ribena :)


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Hi raynee and welcome. I've just found your diary :)
Hello Jim, have been reading alot of your posts in the last few weeks! Very nice info.

Have not updated this for a few days - got a little disheartened when the scales stayed the same this week but i've found a new passion!! Running... :O I've always wanted to jog, but been to embarassed and too unfit to do it! I bought some Asics running shoes, they were quite expensive but in a good way, as I see them sitting there and think I better utilise the money on them lol. Anyway after YEARS of watching joggers run by and thinking, wish I could do that - I have finaly started to 'jog'. It came about on Saturday night, after a few drinks.... and after a few drinks I don't care what people think of me :p So off I went in my new shoes, jogging round the block - even in front of people!! I was so proud and felt so good. This evening I also walked/jogged for 30 minutes. Yeah when I say jog, I mean I walk and then run for like 2 minutes, then walk until I can breath again...etc haha! But on saturday I had the lowest BS reading i've had in a long long long time - 4.3!! (so the alcohol probably lowerd it also) but i'm sure the jogging helped! This jogging malarky has made me feel awake and so less stressed out, I have borderline personality disorder, and since saturday i've felt 'normal'. This evening I had some feelings of anger, during my 'walkjog' the feelings disapeard and I felt on a high!! Though whenever anysign of people are around I do stop and try and walk normally and not look so puffed out haha - I think only the drink could conquer that :p so weekdays.. i'm gonna be a bit aware of people looking haha. Anyway i'm nattering on as usual.

I look forward to see if i've lost next week, I so hope so!! I've been eating well - bacon salad for lunch today and ham salad for dinner. I had an atkins bar and a milkshake on the way to work as I have to be up at 5:45 and don't have any time to even think about breakfast, let alone make it!

My mum keeps commenting on how i appear to have lost so much weight - i love my mum!! I think she is saying it to make me stick to it though lol as she knows what i'm like. I've had some comments at work though which has been a great boost - and I bought the smallest jeans i've bought in maybe 5 years?! Since it all began (not just atkins) i've dropped 4 clothes sizes - i'm almost in the next size down too but they were still a bit of a squeeze!

Apparently sleep is good for weight loss too - is that because i'm less likely to eat? :p but with that in mind, i'm going to head to bed!

Goodnight all x


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Morning Raynee, thank you love :)

How's things?
Oh dear woke up this morning expecting at least pounds off, i've been so good. I stayed the same :/. i've been giving it my all and i started so well - its all gone up in the air it seems.


This is for life
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Hang in there - if you are staying clean and green it will come off! Just the body likes to do it in it's own time;)


Big Boy
S: 25st0lb C: 13st1lb G: 13st1lb BMI: 24.1 Loss: 11st13lb(47.71%)
Morning, stick with it, and closely check what you're eating
Ahhh again! but I havn't just stayed the same I put on 2 pounds! But then I did go a bit wild at an engagement part on saturday night :sigh:.

Katie, I will try and go extra green this week - I was still having the odd can of coke - but i'm going to forget them this week and stick to water. Can I have a black coffee? Also going to be drinking the green tea!

Jim - I've decided i'm goin to take a photo of everything I eat and put it in here so that I can't forget/hide anything :p

I am struggling now for breakfast ideas, I was looking through some diarys for ideas but i'm so not eating Tuna at 6oclock of a morning :p Today i'm having egg and bacon, but then I don't have to be anywhere early.

I've booked a holiday for October, so that has given me some extra encouragement to shift this weight!

My breakfast:


This is for life
S: 17st8.9lb C: 12st12.8lb G: 12st6.2lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 4st10.1lb(26.77%)
Are those tomatoes? I find they stall me if i have many even if i count the carbs!

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