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Ready steady go- day 1!

So the day has finally come. I have been putting it off for 4 years but no more excuses. After seeing my before pictures that I got my hubby to take last night , I am more determined than ever to get to goal in the new year.

I just had my first strawberry shake. Not bad I must say.

For lunch I will have my bar and green tea and then for dinner I will have another shake. I think I will half the bar and have a little tonight when I normally reach for the chocolate to distract myself...

Anyway... So far so good. I'm feeling positive and I'm going to stay logged in to keep focused.:)
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Here to help :-)
Best of luck on Day 1 Maybabe. Nice to see another Irish soul on here. Well done having your day planned out, that's the secret, and at the risk of beating a drum you will hear many times, try and get as close to a max of 4 litres of water into you in small amounts spread evenly over the day. Works for me avoiding the dreaded headaches. ;)

Is feidir linn, :D

Good luck on your first day - like Connor said planning your days out really helps, i always get all my shakes and bars out in the morning to avoid me looking for food later. Try and keep busy too, it's when i find myself at a loose end i start to look for food :)

Oh and yes, drink drink drink! I don't think i've ever managed 4 litres, i'd start leaking :) But aim for 2 plus your shakes and you should be good! x
Hi maybabe well done for starting and good luck :D

I'm on Day 3 today and have been finding it ok so far - apart from this morning when I had a very upset tummy :(

I've been having the shakes hot to warm me up and surprisingly I find the strawberry one is the nicest. Also having the soups which I think are lovely.

Hope you get through today okay - I just keep reminding myself that it's my choice to do this, I could stop at any time but I will be disappointed in myself.
Thanks everyone.I will try get 4 litres or near enough into me lol.
I have decided to paint the house to keep my mind off food.
I was in the shop earlier and nearly
Forgot and went to buy some lunch! :0 whoops!!

So I'm staying in doors and keeping myself very busy.

I'm off now to have my green tea and half of my bar.
I'm starting today too, good luck - to be honest the stuff isn't too bad. I really enjoyed my nammy banana shake
Best of luck lindopski! Stay in touch and we can help each other.
I have a headache already :( better get more water into me.

My pack only has strawberry, vanilla and chocolate shakes. I'm dreading the chocolate and vanilla. I'll order banana the next time I prefer strawberry and banana tbh.
But I will heat them up like others have recommended so hopefully it won't be too bad lol.
Hi ditzen. Yes I would love that. How are you finding it so far?
I have seen alot of people heat the chocolate shakes and they taste much better?I'll give it a go and see.
We will be fine guys - stick to it and let's get down to a sexy size.
Your gonna love it when you hear someone say "she is fit" behind you as you walk off ;)
Nicer than the nasty looks we get at the mo - no more chuckling etc

The girls always look amazing at the end of the diet :)
Being a guy - in just looking forward to clothes :):)
You will have a great excuse lindopski to go shopping by Christmas! ;)

Im on day one today too after a restart so lets work this thing together :)

your doing really well keep going x

vicky :)
Yay! There's a few of us starting today.:)

I have to say I'm really hungry now. Going to boil a
Kettle and drink a few hot glasses of water to keep me going. I had to take tablets for headache too. Didn't expect the headache to start already but hey no pain no gain.:)

Am I doing it right?- is it 2 shakes per day and one bar or soup?
I did it!! Day one over and i have to say it was really hard between 3pm-7pm as that is the time of day i normal feel a slump and reach for the tea and biscuits.So i'm proud of myself in secret.:)

Day 2 here i come!:) :)
Hi I'm having a shake for breakfast, bar for lunch and soup for tea. I think you can have whatever combination you want but no more than 1 bar a day, so in theory 3 shakes or 3 soups.
Thanks Hazel. I'm doing it right so. ;)

Feeling fine this morning not too hungry yet. Just had my morning shake and made it thicker to fill me up a bit. I'm going to keep myself busy today.

How are you all doing today? Have a good day everyone!:)
Hi Maybabe glad to see you've made it to Day 2. I'm starting Day 4 and so far so good. Had a dodgy tummy yesterday but seems to have settled today. How are you finding the shakes? I had the banana one this morning but hot and I thought it was lush. Is this diet doing strange things to our taste buds??

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