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Ready to quit already


Yummy Mummy in the making
Hi everyone, I'm on CD SS day 3 and I dont think I have ever felt as rubbish as I do right now :cry: I feel really really hungry and cant stop thinking about food. I have had 4ltrs of water and cant stomach any more. I'm miserable and have been crying my eyes out, hubby doesnt know what to do or say :cry:
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Try and stick it out hun - couple more days and the hunger will have gone and you will feel a hell of alot happier - promise
Oh hun try to keep going, you are so near to being in ketosis and will start to feel so much better. You have come this far and should feel very proud of yourself, don't make it be for nothing... just a few more days - you CAN do it xxx
I felt exactly the same last week. I wanted to rage and cry.. I kicked a draw when I couldn't find my keys!! It does get better..
aw love, that was me yesterday. I was ready to throw in the towel. Felt dreadful, obsessing about food, feeling really sorry for myself. I was this close <> to quitting and having a xxxxxxx [food deleted to protect the vulnerable]. I had a big sob on my husband, and decided to have a protein/salad meal (supposedly 200kcal and part of my SS+ but who knows), then go to bed and decide this morning whether I wanted to carry on. That really perked me up, and this morning although I still felt a bit grotty, I decided to give it at least until tomorrow's WI. I now feel really positive again. I think it was just a blip. Just take it one day at a time; if need be one hour at a time. Can you get through today and make a decision tomorrow? Things are always brighter on the start of a new day.
Oh honey - day 3 is usually the worst day! You are going to be fine, just stick it out and you will be in ketosis soon and feeling good. Then you will get to your first week weigh in and feel proud of yourself, then you'll be on your way on your weight loss journey.

Why don't you have a nice bath and go to bed early, you will feel better in the morning x
just to echo what everyone else has said, stick with it. ketosis is just around the corner and you will feel fab and not hungry. week one is very hard but once you get through that its gets easier ;)x


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oh moomoo i felt the same a couple of days ago .. i nearly drove myself nuts thinkin of stuff 2 eat but just about did it keep goin it will be worth it in the end


always lurkin around!
and p-one your so right if i ever get really bad i will have small protein and salad and not feel guilty my cdc as long as u dnt go mad it doesnt harm your diet. its always there if its a make or break situation and wont undo your hard work up 2 now :)
hey - don't give up now !!

day 3 can be the most difficult day cos those glycogen stores are nearly done and your body is crying out for some carbs....:(

please try to stick with it tonight....drink water, have a nice bath, phone a friend - ANYTHING....but don't eat !!! you are probably so nearly in ketosis....just one more sleep.....:eek:

Debz xxx
If it helps any, I saw a client tonight who felt exactly the same way you did in the first week and very nearly gave up - but she decided to persevere for the whole week come what may!

3 months later, she's just lost 4 stone and is SO glad she didn't give in on that first week :)


Yummy Mummy in the making
Thank you girls, I'm drinking a bit more water and then going to have a cuddle with my hubby and try put food to the back of my mind and will hopefully feel perkier tomorrow. Thank you for all your support, it means a lot :hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99:
Thank you girls, I'm drinking a bit more water and then going to have a cuddle with my hubby and try put food to the back of my mind and will hopefully feel perkier tomorrow. Thank you for all your support, it means a lot :hug99::hug99::hug99::hug99:

stick with it MooMoo - you CAN do this :)

Debz xx


almost skinny
oh, I know exactly how you feel. This weekend was absolute hell, I was so hungry and I felt so weak!
Only the peptalk of my CDC and my BH convinced me persevere and try another week (okay, and a secret 'binge' on half a bar together with the hubster ;)). And now, only a day later, I'm on day nine and my head starts to clear, I'm not hungry anymore and my stomach stopped grumbling. Kind of makes me feel like riverdancing :D

The thing is: you can start CD only once. Every next time will be harder. It's only one or two weeks, really. If you don't feel better after two weeks you can always quit then.

Hang in there!
Please Please stick with it hun i know exactly how you feel i felt like that too but honestly you are nearly through it and weeks down the line you will be giving this advice to somebody else xxxxx
and not only will you not feel hungry, you are also likely to feel energetic and buzzy...I did

and just like everyone else here I hated the first 3 days, but by day 4 or 5 I was home and dry and I haven't felt any hunger for about 10 days

You can do it!
Hi love don't give up

it's day 8 for me and i've had something to eat, and believe me, it feels worse than the feelings that you have at the moment.

honest hun stick in there with it.

go and have a nice bath, and then get hubby to give you a nice back scratch.

works wonders.

good luck


Yummy Mummy in the making
Thank you everyone, you're all great! :):)

I have resisted giving in to some food and I feel ok at the moment. Sipping on water and going to grin and bear it til I feel better. If I give up now then I'm going to stay this weight forever and thats NOT going to happen ;)


Back On CD.......
Just browsed though this, We have all been in the same boat at some point chick, a couple of more days, the headaches have cleared, you have more energy & you dont feel hungry..

Come on Girl, Lets do this & fight back at them Fat Cells, LOL..

Keep Smiling..

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