realising you do need alcohol to have fun



Some people have said that they have realised that having fun is not about food or drink. I have got to say that I am finding the opposite to be true. Not drinking makes me enjoy social events far less, to the extent that I do not always go. A lot of my socialising involves getting drunk (as am 23) and I feel awkward and tense when I am not drinking. How does anyone else deal with this?

Thanks very much
"I feel awkward and tense when I am not drinking"

Feeling awkward and tense is the issue not the drinking Jod.... supposing you could feel confident and alive when you're sober? You can learn how to do just that on this journey and that what's so fascinating because you take away all the "things" and you are left with the real YOU...and you can decide and choose exactly how you want to be without the "things" clouding your judgement.

You can be 23, lively, outgoing, confident, fun and sexy and still be sober or drunk by choice rather than requirement. That is obviously up to you but if you do then this journey will certainly help to bring that more into focus for you.

How long have you been on LL Jodie? And how have you been getting on??
I'm finding the complete opposite at the moment .. Have been to a few xmas parties and obviously not drinking (was on lipotrim , now on maintenance). Once i got over the fact that i wasnt drinking, i soon found that the normal confidence i thought i was getting from the alcohol, was still there with no alcohol.

Great benefits of this so far, no hangovers, no talkin absolute sh1te all night, no regretting anything the next morning, remembering great nights out with friends, being able to drive home, not looking a wreck at about 11pm, no leggin it to the toilets every 2 mins from all the guzzlin....well ok that 1 is still there from all the water i still drinking lol:D
I was out on friday nite and had one of the bestest nights in a long time.....wasnt drinking, well, unless about 6 litres of water counts!! People thought I was drinking cos I was the same mad hyper person I usually am while I am as Dimage has said, the confidence I thought I had from alcohol, I had without it as well. In saying that, I am now on week 12 of CD and in the first few weeks had some nights out that I didnt enjoy as much, I think as the weight is being left behind and my clothes look nice on I am feeling better about myself and thats where my confidence is coming from....never really had a confidence problem before, but have never been the type to get up and dance unless I was hammered!!
Hi Jodie,

I start LL in January so will have to stop drinking then.

However, I did stop drinking for over 5 years (some 9 years ago) because it was a serious (very dark place) problem. It controlled me and dictated when I could be what I thought was me. No confidence in myself when sober (body image was dominant influencing undermining issue) - only when drunk, could I 'lose' that part of me that was holiding me back.

Got fed up with that feeling and stopped and do you know what - when at parties and sober, I looked around and saw others being like the 'me' that I was. They were behaving daft and when sober - you saw all those others looking at them thinking 'what are they like?'. If others had an issue with me and my size, it didn't go awat when I was drunk, I just didn't feel it - indeed, when sober you see that when you are gravitationally challenged and making an arse of yourself, people notice a hell of a lot more.

The thing is, I never saw people looking at me that way when I was drunk and supposedly having fun. Ignorance seemed like bliss.

Once I realised that as many, if not more, people were having fun sober - I was able to chill and do the same.

Not saying this applies to you, but alcohol does stop the real you developing and after all, we are on life changing (we hope) journeys - and finding the real US, is key to that - I found sod all when hammered, lost quite a lot though, including memories that I would have preferred to remember.

Sorry, didn't mean to lecture, I just get sad how we are all having to fight to get to a 'good' place with ourselves - in a nutshell, there is much more to be gained (and kept/that is enduring) in a sober, in control of oneself world, than in a temporary, alcohol induced, out of control world.

Take care and have courage

i felt like this once before Jodie, when me and my mate did a month off the booze challenge.. however,... since starting CD it hasn't bothered me..

I think its coz i get such a buzz out of wearing new smaller clothes and regaining my cheekbones that going without alcohol is a small price to pay...

I have been out every weekend (since the third week on CD) and enjoyed myself each week. To the point that I really think I will moderate my alcohol in future, I usually get totally wasted! But I have been out and drank sparkling mineral waters all night and felt great and more importantly felt great the next day.. and not thrown up on the bed (TMI alert!) like I did the last time I got drunk three weeks before starting the diet!

Admittedly I think I may get bored earlier in the evening than normal... most weekends i've been home by midnight.. however last friday I stayed out till 2.30am...

I think the diet is def worth laying off the booze for a bit.. after all ur 23.. u have loads of years ahead of u to go out and get wasted!
I don't really drink that much (as I dont really go out that much at the moment). I definitely find that drink gives me more confidence when I do go out though and that I have a better time when I am drinking. I don't really have the confidence to be fun or chatty when I am just me, unless I am in an abnormally hyper mood (very rarely). I think that I dont really know who I am, but I am worried that Lighterlife is not going to help me or show me (there is only myself and one other lady in my group and I had to start my first week with her week 5 counselling and so have missed some stages). Well done to everyone who is realising that they don't need alcohol to have fun though! That is definitely the thing to be feeling so that you manage to change your habits for life! xx
hi Jodie,

feeling any better today - not seen so many 'down' posts from you, so just checking (and being nosey of course)