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Really confused, need an experienced SW'ers help !


So I joined the class last Thursday, and not sure where abouts to post this but could anyone at all look at my food diary and see if its okay? I really feel like I am not sticking properly to this, finding it all confusing. Wasn't really explained properly at the meeting just walked away with the books thinking what on earth!!

So here it goes (apologies in advance, I really want to do well):

Pasta with home made sauce (tinned chopped tomatoes, onion, mushroom)
2 slices of lean grilled bacon
Mushroom omelette
Fat free natural yoghurt
Oatsosimple porridge - original - with semi skimmed milk

1 egg (mashed for sandwich)
2 small slices wholemeal bread
1 tbsp light mayo
Syn free chips
Heinz spaghetti (tin)
Mullerlight yoghurt
1 mini babybell light
1 chicken breast
1 bagel (as a syn, 11 syns)
Tin tuna
1 chicken breast
Balsamic vinegar
Fat free vanilla yoghurt
Mixed salad (lettuce, red onion, cucumber)
2 satsumas
Special K sustain
Semi skimmed milk

Am I doing this all wrong?! My plan was to have grilled salmon and veg for tea?

Thanks in advance.
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Im not an expert but it doesnt look too bad but I would suggest eating a bit more fruit/veg. If you are following EE remember to have your 1/3rd superfree with every meal including breakfast. Sunday doesnt seem to have any fruit or veg at all.

Good luck, it's easy once you get the hang of it and everyone here is really helpful
It looks ok to me although you should remember to have your 1/3rd superfree with every meal including your breakfast. Also don't forget about your syns its ok to use them, I tend to try and have at least 6 a day as I find I lose more that way than not having any at all.

Good luck! it gets much easier once you get you used to it.
Hi, You seem to have come of the basics down so well done. I know it can seem really confusing at first.

I take it you're doing EE from your meals so you really need to up your superfree at each meal. Superfree is all fruit and veg except potato, parsnip, peas and sweetcorn. 1/3 of each meal is ideal.:)

Sunday for ecample is fine if you had added a load of veg or fruit.
1 egg (mashed for sandwich) add salad?
2 small slices wholemeal bread
1 tbsp light mayo
Syn free chips
Heinz spaghetti (tin) could add mushrooms etc to this
Mullerlight yoghurt
1 mini babybell light
1 chicken breast
1 bagel (as a syn, 11 syns)

Did you have an A choice?

Hope you don't think I'm being too picky.:)

Well done on your start, it will get easier!
As well as the 1/3 superfree, remember to have your Hexs and syns. Saturday and Monday look fine (porridge with milk, Special K with milk) presuming you had the full measures - particularly on EE it's really important to get your weighing and measuring right on your Hexs. On Sunday, I can only see one babybel light which might count towards a Hex A - you need to have three babybel light (or two normal) to make up your Hex A.

You don't seem to have had any syns on Saturday or Monday - you should have had between 15 and 45 over the three days, so even if you're wanting to keep your syns low (there's really no need!) then you still need a few more!!
I agree with what everyone else has said - assuming you are doing Extra Easy, the thing that is lacking is the superfree element with every meal - its also a bit tricky to follow your meals as you've just listed everything and not shown what is breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks.

What worries me though is that your consultant didnt explain anything? Did you have the 30 minute new member talk? That should have gone a long way to explaining the plan. If you walked away not feeling that you understood everything you really should speak to your consultant and tell him/her - that's what they are paid for. Most people take a while to fully get the gist, but you should have a grasp on the basics by the end of your first session.

Also, take a look at the sticky thread


Its really worth having a poke round the site before asking questions, so many have been asked and answered already, thats what the stickies are there for - to make it easy to find the really common topics so the old hands dont find themselves reading/answering the same questions over and over.;)
I would say you are not eating enough actually.

Really study the free foods list that you should of recieved in your books, you can eat as much as you like of these foods at meal times, you just need to remember to make sure a 1/3 of your plate is superfree foods (i.e. fruit or unstarchy vegetables) this automatically controls your carb and protein intake, so you don't go overboard on those.

You also need to make sure you are having 1 choice from your Healthy A list and 1 choice from your Healthy B list every day.

Then on top of that a minimum of 5 syns a day, no more than 15 a day.

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