really fed up ,should do i have to leave?


wanted to start on cd this week ,went to docs to get form signed,,,blood pressure was up,had to have ecg ,doc says heart is fine ,,but started me on bp tablets,and wont allow me to start on cd,i am so damn fed up.he said if i started a low cal diet ,and felt dizzy etc he wouldnt know if it was the diet or the new tablets ,my thyroxin levels were also bad,[im on thryroxin] he as asked me to wait 2 months so he can get my levels and bp stable,then he MAY sign the form ,,i was so ready to start the diet now i cant ,i havent rung my cdc yet as i know i will sob,,so do i have to leave this site and come back when i start? if so thank you for your kind words the last few days and good luck with your new yous,xxxxxxAAA
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Hey hey!! No you don't leave us!! This site isn't just for people on Cambridge sole source and is generally a site for anyone who wants to trim down.

Why not plan to do a WW/SW or GI approach for the next month or two and plan that and talk about that on here and then you will be ready for SS in the New Year.



hey hun... we would be put out if you leave this site :D :D :D

sure i'm doing WW and post away on this site...

hope you feel better soon


Gen xx


I STILL mean it!
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Just hang in there a while. I was taking 3 lots of medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol when I started VLCD, and now I don't take any. However, I can understand your GP wanting to see how you are on the new tablets for a couple of weeks first. I think I'd object to 2 months, but see how you go.
take care, Ann x

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Have you asked the GP if you can follow the 1200 plan.

2/3rd of your nutrition is covered with the two packs and you follow low GI - good healthy nutritious food.

Did you CDC give you the yellow book.

The GP might be more receptive to this.



thanks ,im just so fed up,my weight is just ruining my life,apart form the bp im very fit,i just got so exited about starting cd and now i cant,im fed up with living in this fat body,i hate it i hate it ive had it since i was 8 and i want my proper body!.i split from my usband last year and met a really special man ,,and i lost him because i wouldnt belive him telling me i was beautiful and that he loved me ,he said i needed to sort out my issues with myself,before anyone would be allowed to love me,,,i feel like never eating agin now


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Oh Hun, stay with us

When I embarked on the LL diet, my GP refused to sign my form, said it would cost me £65 to have a quick medical. I ended up going into one of those walk in places and got blood pressure and quick medical for £30. I lost 2 stone on LL but was too expensive. Now I have started CD and have decided in less than a week to do the 790.

I had so many issues with food, but LL seems to have helped enormously.

Stay with us, because when the time comes, you will have so much knowledge of the diet. Why not do GI, or follow something like WW/Slimming World. I did that a while back and the support in the classes was great.

Keep strong love, it will be ok


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Oi missus - you ain't goin' nowhere!!

Ooooh hun... noooo... stay, stay, stay... hang out with us!

Oh love, I can completely and utterly empathise with you (will bore you about it another time and in private maybe), but listen... 2 months isn't really that long.. and while you wait you can start getting ready for cd too!

It's a kick in the teeth deffo that you can't start right away, but you know what..:confused: that means you have 8 lovely weeks to get yourself fitter and healthier and you can start some of the things that cd involves... like weaning yourself of the fizzy stuff... off the boozy stuff.... you can get your bod all ready for when you have to go without all the things that are so bad for us all... have a mega detox... start getting used to drinking gallons of water...;) :p

And just think! In doing so, hopefully when you start... you will hit ketosis dead easy!! WOW! That'll be ace!

(trust me.. if you can do ANYTHING to make it easier then do it!;) :p )

I know you feel dead rotten right now, and I DO understand.. I'm sure the doc would be well chuffed if you were to lose weight during these 8 weeks by making some changes.. nothing too drastic... but hey - there are some fab folk on here who have the expertise to advise you on all that... I'm just here to tell you to hang on in there, don't let it get you down... try and see the positives.. one I can think of immediately is that you can "legally" have a choccie advent calendar ! lol (I'm not encouraging you to have bad stuff, just it might be a great way to wean yourself off it by limiting yourself to one likke itty bitsy piece a day!)

ohhh and you will start right at the beginning of the New Year too! Excellent! :D So 2007 is going to be YOUR YEAR!! Put the crappy ones behind you and steam ahead to the new! Yeeharr..:p :)

Honest hun.. stick with us... you'll be just fine.. :) I'm sure there is loads that can be done in a practical way to help you and deffo in an emotional way too.

((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) your fellow flabby- high-blood-pressure-suffering - ex-husband rejected - low-self-esteemed-but -lovely- pal

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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CD is just one way not the only way! Also if your thyroxine level is wrong you could SS endlessly and lose no weight, think how annoying that would be. I'm with everyone else, use this time to prepare yourself, cut down on the naughty stuff and eat as healthily as you can. Then when you do start CD you will have a shorter time on the plan as you will have a head start!!

Good luck, Love