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Really really nervous.. *AN UPDATE* Great news :D

Some of you may remember my post from about 4 weeks ago, about my Dad having a heart attack.

So, he was in Darlington Memorial Hospital for 21 days!! until he was finally transferred over to Freemans Newcastle for a defibrilator to be fitted. Once over at Freemans, doctors carried out a whole load more tests, including another angiogram. The results from the angiogram were a lot clearer than that at Darlington, and has resulted in the surgeon wanting to carry out a triple heart bypass rather than fit a defibrilator.

I know that he is in the right place, and that they wouldn't do this if they didn't need to, but I am so so nervous and scared for my poor Dad. All being well, he is due for the procedure tomorrow, what time we are not yet sure. We are going to see him again tonight, so expecting lots of teary eyes before his op tomorrow.

After his op he will be in Intensive Care for approx. 2 days, and then onto a High Dependency ward for another 2 or 3, and then hopefully back to a normal ward. I am hoping it will not be too long before he is back home with us - it will be a month this Friday since we were blue-lighted to Darlington Hospital with Dad in such a horrific state.

Please God, let him be ok!!
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thinking of you all and you're right he is in the best place and will more than likely be ok and be a new man when he recovers.

good luck xx
My God, I am so annoyed!!

Op has now been put off until next Tuesday!! MORE waiting!! Which by that point he will have been in hospital a month and 4 days and still no further forward.

My poor dad, this is rubbish :(

Thank you all for your support, feeling so down right now.
Try not to worry yourself too much - these operations are very much routine nowadays and whilst its not a minor procedure by any means, the doctors and nurses involved with his care are remarkably skilled at what they do and he is in the best possible hands.

My stepdad had a quadruple bypass five years ago now and he is doing well and thriving, despite complications at the time. It is stressful for you all, but it will soon come and we will all be thinking of you and wishing him a safe and speedy recovery. (((hugs)))
Great news everyone!! :D

My dad had his triple heart bypass yesterday morning, and is doing great! The surgery went fine, and he is making an amazing recovery. So much so that he was off the ventilator within 2 hours, rather than the 24 they told us he'd be on for!

Amazingly, we have even spoken to him on the phone!! He called from the hospital phone last night, and it was great to speak to him. He sounded great, a little drunk due to the morphine, but he is doing really well.

Phoned the hospital this morning and they told us he has had a comfortable night. They have just upped his pain killers, which is normal, as the morphine etc is starting to wear off and he is feeling a little sore.

I cannot stop smiling. My dad is so strong, and so brave. I am the proudest daugther in the world right now!! :D
Thank you all so much for your kind support, you have been great! I appreciate you all so much x
He is doing amazingly well. He sent me a text message about an hour ago to say he's been moved off intensive care and into a normal ward, unbelievable!!

No-one can believe how well he is doing. He really is top fella, I am so inspired and amazed x
Thank you all so, so much! This is the reason I love minimins so much, you can always expect kind words of concern and support from you lovely lot!

You are all great, and it means so much to me. As I know it would to my dad too x
Hey hinny!

Takes more than a triple bypass op to slow down Durham mining stock - we're made of stern stuff as you know. It's all in the genes;)

All the best to your da, and tell him from me to "keep ahaad marra"


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