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Really weak

Hi all,

I fell asleep really early last nite on d couch, just got unbelievably tired, so I ended up missing a shake. But this morning I got up outta bed n had a really bad dizzy spell. Had my shower n couldn't tolerate d hot water as was feelin weaker by d min. Anyway could barely dry myself was so weak. Came down n had water n a shake. I felt like even d glass was heavy n hard 2 hold. My hands r fine but I feel like they're shakin. Hope this will pass. Do u think it's cause I missed a shake. I'm drinkin loads of water. Feel a bit sick also. Sorry 4 moan just hopin sum1 has an answer as 2 wats goin on.

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Hi Lenni, just your body adjusting to the new dietary intake. I'm on day 4 now and have felt a bit like that but I know that it's just a temporary phase (have done this before). Push through Lenni, when you're in ketosis you will be much more comfortable. It does get easier!
Hi Lenni

I was just going to say it sounds like your blood sugars were perhaps a bit low. The shakes sort of keep them level. I have felt a bit like that today as I've had a bad few nights with my little boy and lack of sleep but I always feel more with it an hour after my shake. Glad it settled. Nothing worse than feeling sick

Marie :)


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I quite often feel really weak on LT but I know it's because I don't have my shakes at regular intervals. I've got a bad habit of not "eating" in the mornings and end up having 2 shakes within an hour of each other in the evening.

I would see how you feel after today before starting to panic xx


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Just noticed you posted this 1 day ago... how are you feeling today? x

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