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Reasons to be cheerful......part one!

Weighed this morning, only 6 days after last weigh in but have lost another 3lbs:D. So, if I still aim for my target of 10st I am exactly half way, I guess at 8 weeks that's pretty ok???

So the reasons to be cheerful....
:D I have lost 27lbs in 8 weeks
:D I am now 11st 13lbs, I haven't been 11 stone something since 2008!
:D My waist has gone down from 33ins to 29ins!!!!
:D I'm officially half way to target
:D I'm very nearly a healthy weight, I started out as obese!
:D Loads of my clothes fit me again, in fact some are actually tooooo big!
:D I can now wear a size 12-14 again
:D My surgeon is going to be thrilled that he doesn't have so much blubber to hack through when he does my hip replacement!

I think that'll do for now!!!! Gonna copy this to my Blog for future reference.
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It's great that you have so many reasons, and have such a positive attitude x x
It's great that you have so many reasons, and have such a positive attitude x x
Wasn't like that a couple of days ago though was I? Honestly my moods are so up and down depending on how much I hurt.....that's why I posted this to my Blog...that way when I have a shitty day I can look back and hopefully cheer my miserable self up!!! Thanks for all your support Su, it means a huge amount to me, love you lots XXXXXXXXXXX:hug99:
Hey well done, keep going, don't let yourself down, no pain no gain!
Hey well done, keep going, don't let yourself down, no pain no gain!
Thanks, I keep taking the drugs and it's 5 weeks tomorrow until my op......can just about make it I think!
Amazing Sandra, well done!!
Well done Sandra, you've done so well. Its great once you start seeing the results, keep it up :)
Emma x
Hi Sandra
I love your reasons to be cheerful...part 1. If you can do so well on LT, despite your pain and your difficulties with having to take medication etc., I have no excuse. You're an inspiration.
Thanks Suse, that's really nice of you to say so..... But a lot of the time I'm just a miserable cow! But not for long.....x


Fighting for My Health
Well done Sandra! I'm so happy for you :D You are such a wonderful person and you deserve to be pain free and happy all the time. Soon hun, soon ((hugs)) xx
Thanks Hun, I can't wait! Just been out for 'lunch' with a load of my girlfriends......not a morsel passed my lips, but have had to come home cos I couldn't sit any longer. They're going to bring bottles of champagne to my hospital bed on the Saturday after my op to celebrate! Of course I won't have any but I'll have my good friend morphine instead! X

Ps wore my size 12 jeans......no-one could believe it. Yesssssss!


Fighting for My Health
Yayyy, size 12 jeans :) Yay to morphine too lol. When I did my ankle in a couple of years ago, I had 10 days on it via combinations of drips and orally, ooooo it was wonderful! lol. Had awful withdrawal mind when I came home. I was shaking for about a week. Was worth it mind lol

Mmmmm must admit I take a lot of drugs these days, a bit scary even though they are all prescription......

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Sandra, well done on getting to the half way point on your journey. The weight loss will make such a difference to your recovery after the hip job. Pain is a dread but just keep focussing on those great days post hip replacement when you will be fairly pain free again.
I love reading your posts as you always have a very sensible attitude to things and are very supportive.
Ah thanks Molly, that's really nice of you to say so! I've got just over 4 weeks to go until the op and would like to lose another 12lbs...don't think that's do-able however as I need to re-feed.....gonna try though! The thought of trying to drag myself around on crutches was really scary, as you say, it's going to be an awful lost easier! x

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