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Recipe ideas - Attack phase


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chicken tikka marinade, or chicken and mustard (basically anything you want to put with yog and chicken), burgers made with 5% lean mince. lived on either tinned fish or galette and chicken tikka lol!omelettes??
Had an omelette last night, nowhere near as nice as my usual omelettes, but that would be because they didn't have all the junk in them!!! Lol


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i put luaghing cow light triangles in mine (only 2) on cruise and some spring onion/shallot. wait till cruise then you can make them more exciting.
Yeah, attack is pretty dull and it hasn't even been 48 hours!! :D
Ah well, hopefully it will be worth it.


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it will be. post your menus in the sticky!! we can liven them up for you!


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I found that tinned tuna can be made into 'tuna mayonnaise' with Quark & chopped chives, maybe a splash of lemon juice & seasoning? Have that with a Galette, or with a boiled egg. Add some prawns... And wholegrain mustard makes a nice change in the seasoning stakes, mix with Quark for a quick sauce.

It will be over soon, hang on in there! :)

make up the galette mix and spread over the bottom of a cake tin/round dish.

pop in oven (gas mark 6) until firm

Whilst its cooking beat an egg, add a spoon of cottage cheese and a spoon of quark/fromage frais a dash of milk some herbs and garlic or chili flakes for a kick and mix. Add some smoked salmon, ham, chicken whatever you fancy.....

pour on top of the now firm galette base and spread so it is even and pop back in the oven until starting to turn brown on top and firm to the touch.

Sorry I can't be more precise with the measurements but I tend to just bung it all together. As long as the mix is not too runny it will be fab!


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Oh and if you fancy a pudding that's a change from yoghurt - I made the vanilla or coffee custards puddings from somewhere in the recipe threads & the book.

2 eggs, break into measuring jug
add skimmed milk to make 300 ml total, add sweetener to taste and 1ts vanilla essence or 1ts of instant coffee. Beat well.
Pour into 3 little ramekins.
Stand them in a roasting tin, pour hot water 3/4 up the sides.
Bake for 30min in a 150C oven, turn oven off and leave to cool in the oven.

I use the glass ramekins you sometimes get with special desserts from the supermarket - that's why I make it to 300ml, that's all I can fit into them.

Double quantities to make 6...
mmm..... the quiche I had today was so tasty that a collegue asked me for the recipe! Apparently she wants to get her husband eating low fat foods.
Have changed sig now lol!


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Becca did you do the ones with the cottage cheese?
Yes recipe used cottage cheese and quark, nice and cheesey!

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