Recipes with CD packs - what am i doing wrong!!


Finally...Life begins
OK twice now I have tried to make the muffins, make them into a little paste, and microwave them, but have used the vanilla flavour, and just attempted the Toffee and Walnut one, both came out looking ok, but just tasted like nothing. I tried microwaving todays one for less time, but it was just the same! Love the tastes as drinks, but pants as muffin!? Any ideas, really would love to have something to eat, rather than drink this week!

And, I tried the making the choc powder into a bar, putting it in the freezer - that went pants too, tasted like cr@p lol.

Was going to attempt the crisps but will run out of "spare" packs if it goes wrong!!
You have to put a couple of sweetners into the muffins or they do taste of nothing, so you would need to use hot water to dissolve them. The thing is dont expect it to be too much like a muffin, they are ok, but not like you would buy from a shop :D

The longer you have been on the diet, the more you enjoy them, I think anything remotely similar to eating feels great!
I use water straight from the cold tap and don't add sweeteners as I want to retrain my tastebuds.

I just microwave until it gets to the desired texture.

It didn't tast of much to start with but then all those years back when I swapped to semi-skimmed milk I thought the same. It just takes getting used to. :)
For the first bit of doing LL I used to just knock back the shakes like a vitimin pill. It is only in the past 4 weeks or so that I have got choosy about what packs I will have (getting less choices by the day) and more particular about how I prepare them.

Before too long I will be living on a diet of chocolate shakes, mushroom soup and lemon bars :rolleyes: