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Redbooties diary

I've just finished day 3 of attack and it's going really well. I've lost 4lb so far which is more than the Dukan calculator says :D.

Muller light toffee with oatbran

10 thin slices of ham with a teaspoon of mustard and a pickled onion

2 chicken breasts with a piri piri flavouring

Also drinking flavoured sparkling water, diet soda and a few cups of tea

I've managed my 20 mins of walking but I can't bring myself to have a cold shower

I read on here somewhere to limit the number of seafood sticks (crabsticks) but I don't know how many I'm allowed to eat because when I get "the munchies" I eat a whole pack (16 sticks)
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Welcome, I have read thru the book and in the UK edition Dr Dukan says you can eat as many crab sticks or surimi as you like. They have a minimal amount of carbohydrate in but he says eat them and enjoy. I eat tons of the things and they have not stopped me losing weight. I lost 13lb in 1st week or 5.9kgs. So good luck and enjoy your crab sticks

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
I'm sure some of the regular Dukanners said to limit crabsticks as they do contain sugar.


** Chief WITCH **
per the UK official website chat :D
I'm on cruise today PP

Breakfast:- muller light vanilla yoghurt with 2 tablespoons of oatbran

Dinner:- 2 beef sausages grilled

Tea:- 10 thin slices of ham and mustard

Snacks :- 8 crab sticks

I've also started couch to 5k, I've just completed my second workout 30 mins of jogging/ walking

Weighed and I've lost 2lb so I'm down to 11st 6 can't wait to see 10stone something
Cruise PV today

Breakfast vanilla yoghurt with oatbran

Dinner 3 beefburgers grilled

Tea:- 250g reduced fat mince and a tin of chopped tomatoes

I also went swimming for an hour usually when I go swimming I just splash about for a hour but this time I stayed at the deep end so I either had to swim or tread water


** Chief WITCH **
Well done on the exercise!!

I don't see any veg with your lunch on PV?
I know I completely forgot about the veg and didnt get chance to get to the shop with all the children's activities but I will be more organised for thursdays PV.


** Chief WITCH **
Your intestines will thank you ;)
Another 1lb gone :) but I've messed up today :( I took the children out for a long walk and we ended up by Harry ramsden so I bought the kids fish and chips and I had a piece of fish with most of the batter removed.
Omg it's 4:30pm and I haven't managed to have a bite to eat yet. This can't be good for me. I've had to babysit for a friend while she went to a meeting and the fridge is full of carbs :( I can't even pop to the shop because I haven't got a key to get back in.

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
Oh hun, maybe prepare some protein, lean means or boiled eggs etc in some tuperwear for when you're out?

Or something I'm looking forward to trying in the Quiche... Good luck lovely! x
Well today just hasn't gone too good for me :( all started going wrong when I was sat in the garden chatting when I heard a loud buzzing noise, I looked up and there was a huge swarm of wasps like a cloud above me. I'm terrified of any flying bugs but wasps are the most scariest, had to run round the house shutting all the windows :( it took me nearly an hour to stop shaking.

Then I spent ages cooking Dukan Bolognaise for tea but forgot to turn the cooker off when I went out. I got back 3 hours later to find the house full of smoke, I'm lucky that it didn't start a fire

It was quite late by the time I emptied the house of smoke (still stinks if it though) and so I ended taking everyone to subways for tea, I just had a bowl of meatballs and a salad from there but I could taste the sugar in the meatball sauce

The good news is that when I got on the scales I had lost 2lb another 3 lb to go before I get to my mini goal of below 11 st so hopefully I will get to that goal by the end of next week
Completely messed up today :( I treated the children to a pizza and ended up sharing it with them and then washed it down with a red bull. I'm going to do 2 PP days and have extra long walks to try and repair the damage
Back on track again managed to put on a 1lb . Struggling to do the 30mins of walking a day but I do go for a walk twice sometimes 3 times a week and walk for about 2 hours so hopefully this will make up for the days I don't do anything
Completely messed up over the weekend I really need to sort myself out. Going to start again with 2 days of attack and plan my meals properly instead of waiting until I'm hungry and then grabbing whatever's easiest
Good morning :) draw that big line and as you said fresh start.
Dukan is about a lifestyle change, the temptations around you are always going to be there so you need to decide what is more important to you.
Don't mean to sound negative at all but you really need a good few weeks to get you well and truly on track....you won't want to cheat then honest.

Good luckx

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