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  1. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    I went to my Doctor on Wednesday because of my yo yo dieting and how badly it has been effecting me emotionally.

    Example - lost 6lbs one week and lost 1lb the following - only to put 7.5 back on the next week!!! Why? Constantly over eating again, again and again. I jump from class to class (WW) aswell as diet to diet as many of you know,lol!

    My Doctor is referring me to a "food psycoligist" (my spelling is bad,lol!) and i came away from my Doctor's with a questionaire which i have to fill in and take back in with me next week when i see her. Also, i'm getting a few different blood tests done on Tuesday morning, a fasting one!! Just aswell it's 9.45am,lol!

    One of the tests is for PSOC which i AM, interested in!

    Back to my question though :)

    My Doctor did mention Exenical to me and i wondered what experiences others have had with it and also with Reductil? If i did use Excenical i would use it along with WW but deffo watch the fat intake ! lol!

    Thankyou :)
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  3. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    My ticker looks strange as i've only put in my target weight as i'm not "actually" dieting just now - but i have also so far not been over eating since talking with my Doctor :)
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    I tried Xenical but it didnt work - at all. My doctor actually thinks that Xenical doesnt really work with WW as WW is so low fat so theres not much fat in your system for it to work with.

    Reductil is I believe an appetite suppresant so both are totally different. If you feel hungry all the time on WW then that might work but if your ok sticking to your points that probably wont be any benefit to you :(
  5. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Thanks Sandy :)

    Now that is interesting...

    I would love to have you as my very own little personal book that i could carry around with me ;) I'd be slim!!!!!

    I'll talk to my Doctor and see what she suggests but i have to admit, Reductil sounds like a better one for me.
  6. minime

    minime Gold Member

    I've used reductil previously and it works but its only tool to help you whilst you are eating healthily. Xenical I'd personally avoid like the plague, because of the orange oily liquid I've heard about as an unpleasant side effect. So glad you went to the doctors, I think I'm pretty much in the same position as you and I've had reductil. Done LL for a few weeks, swapped back to CD but not managed to get started, thinking about WW now. I really need to get my head sorted, so I'll be watching for how you get on with your food psychologist, please keep us updated.
  7. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Hi minime :)

    Yeah i've totally gone off the Exenical i have to admit! Reductil sounds like a much better "tool" for me.

    You say you feel you may be in the same position as me, and you used Reductil - can i ask if it helped you and in what way? Did it help you feel less hungry? How often does one have to take it as a rule, 3 times a day? How are you feeling now?

    I'm going to go back to WW and hope to get Reductil from my Doctor and combine them both. I went to see the Nurse this morning to get my bloods taken and while i was there i got my Smear test done which was due :( hate it, lol!

    My results from the bloods should be back on Friday but as soon as i know anything i will be on here with an update :) The Doctor has referred me to the "Glasgow Weight Management Centre" at the Royal Infirmary, so i guess i'll just need to wait for a date to go! I'm looking forward to it but i also know there are going to be questions about my past eating habits etc which i may find painful or difficult to talk about. At the same time i know i have to climb over that bridge before i can get back on the flat...

    Keep in touch :)
  8. Anna_B

    Anna_B Silver Member

    Weight Watchers Points
    I was on Xenacol for a while, horrid horrid stuff! I'll save you from all the details but I would never recommend it to anyone.
  9. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    lol! thanks Anna :) i can only imagine x x At least with Reductil you can have a wee treat - i hope? but with Exenical it really is a matter of NO! NO! NO!
  10. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Thats the thing Feathers Xenical is really hit and miss, I got to the stage I was actually eating fattier foods to see if it worked - and it didnt lol
  11. Ameythist

    Ameythist Full Member

    Hi Feathers

    I was given Reductal 2 years ago and I felt it gave me the ammunition to cheat! I lost 2 stone in 3 months but very quickly put it back on, It never really taught me anything, why I eat, over eat and gorge myself, the tablet made me feel full but never stopped me reaching for the chocolate so yes I stopped eating food but not all the junk crap like the sweets and chocolates and especially the odd pint of Lager!

    I then went on to Lighter life and lost 6 stone, But!! I have regained 2 stone and I am struggling so bad with my relationship with food.

    If you are diagnosed with PCOS there is a diet out there called "vitaline" it consists of eating tiny bits of protein over the course of the day called "burns" I believe they got a very good write up where PCOS is concerned.

    Good luck with your tests and Good Luck with your food relationship.

    I am trying to take a step back and look again and be sensible I did get smaller I just blew it!
  12. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Hi Feathers

    I took it, felt it really helped me, reduced my appetite and I was more inclined towards healthier food, think I followed Rosemary Conley whilst I was on it. It comes in 2 strengths, 10mg and 15 mgs, they normally start you on 10mg, so that if your body becomes used to it there is another option for you. I have only had 15mgs though. At the start I remember I had a bit of sweating and was awake longer at night but as your body gets used to it the side effects diminished. I don't think you'll ever manage to have a healthy relationship with food unless you get to the bottom of why you reach for food at every turn (same for me), but you have at least realised that and hopefully your psychologist will be able to help you. This is the same for any eating plan, so if reductil helps you try to get control of your appetite I'd say go for it.

    You only take it once a day, I always took mine as early as possible because of sleep issue I had with it.
  13. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    lol! Sandy :)

    How long were you on it before deciding to come off?
  14. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Ameythist :)

    thankyou for telling me your experience on Reductil! It's great to hear feedback whether good or bad on this :)

    You stuck with it for 3mths - although you say you didn't learn anything, were there any side effects for "you?" I do realise it's different for everyone.. I guess i'm just trying to get as much info as poss,lol!

    How long have you struggled with your relationship with food? I'm 38 and i would have to say i've had an unhealthy relationship with food since i was in my early 20s :( I truly believed that by the time i reached the age i am now,that i would have got over that. The thing is, i guess i needed to face it rather than bash my head over and over with every diet plan i came across.

    Thankyou soo much for that info on the PSOC!!! ;) I will deffo look into that!

    Please keep in touch! I wish you all the best too! Let me know how your doing :)

    Thanks again xx
  15. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Took it for 5 months before I totally gave up on it lol
  16. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    hey minime thankyou for your experience and valuable information here :)

    You only take it once a day??? When you say you took it early, how early? lol!

    I did speak to the Nurse today and told her i favoured Reductil going by the info i found online from different sites and most importantly, from here :)

    How long were you on it?
  17. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Sandy, 5mths is a long time to be on anything, especially since in your opinion it didn't work,lol!?

    I actually thought you were going to say 2,.. 3wks at the most,lol! :)
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  19. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Nah my doctor is a trier :rolleyes: he kept saying 'We'll give it one more month' lol
  20. minime

    minime Gold Member

    Think I was on it about 3 months. I always took it before 8am. Am thinking about asking to go back on it again.
  21. Dobo

    Dobo Full Member

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    CD (ex-WW)

    I've been on both and to be honest neither really worked for me. My diet is relatively low fat anyway so the Xenical did really do anything and as for the Reductil, I had a really good loss the first few weeks (a total of about 8pnds which is good for me) but I think it was more because I was trying really hard rather than the drug. I read on the net that some people "forget to eat" when they are on them because these work so well but unfortunately this wasn't my experience and after three months I didn't go back to the doctors because I felt a complete failure that even with the aid of drugs, I couldn't loose weight. There are great success stories on the internet so maybe its just me !?!?!
  22. Feathers

    Feathers Silver Member

    Let me know if you go back on it, we can keep each other company :)
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